Mobile World Congress

PlayStation Phone Arriving in April

Mobile World Congress is shaping up to be the event of the year with sources revealing that the PlayStation Phone will be officially launched there. However, eager gamers will have to wait until April to get their hands on one.

Android 2.4 is Honeycomb – Or Is It?

The next Android update, Honeycomb may not be version 3.0 as everyone originally thought. New information from a developer suggests that it may in fact be Android 2.4 with 3.0 coming later at an extra special event.

More Nokia N9 Specs Revealed

More specs for the Nokia N9 have been outed in a Twitter conversation between two developers and by the sounds of things, the upcoming MeeGo handset is certainly shaping up to be an impressive piece of kit.

HTC Aiming for First 3D Android Phone

HTC is aiming to bring out the first 3D Android handset by the end of 2011. Insiders have claimed that the manufacturer is keen to make it their next major tech objective and could be showing off their new displays at Mobile World Congress.