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Consumers Want All Brands to Offer Mobile Apps

A product that interests you comes up in conversation. Do you reach for your phone to check if that product has an app associated with it? Chances are that you do … or at least that you want to.

Want to Love Your Phone? Use Social Media!

Many people truly love their smartphones. If you aren’t one of those people then there is probably a reason. And the reason is that you aren’t using social media enough!

Are Non-Smoking Apps Just A Load Of Hot Air?

Some “quit smoking” apps are useful but many are just smokescreens. Knowing which ones work and which ones don’t can help you successfully use this technology for smoking cessation…

3 Threats Private Smartphones Pose to Office Networks

Employees often use their own personal smartphones and tablets at the office. It’s convenient and simple, especially for people who sometimes telecommute to work. However, did you realise that this poses some serious security risks to a company?