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NFC: The Ultimate Guide

Of all the mobile technologies that have arisen in recent years, NFC has shown the most widespread real world potential. Here we take a look at what the future holds for it…

Google Wallet Rumoured For UK Launch

Rumours are beginning to circulate that Google will introduce a trial of their Wallet wireless payment service in the UK, ready for a live rollout during the 2012 Olympics.

Mobile Coverage For Tube Scheme Scrapped

Heading for the Olympics next summer? Hope you weren’t planning on using your mobile phone on the London Underground because, despite lengthy plans to introduce a mobile service on the tube system, the entire scheme has been scrapped…

Mobile Chunnel Coverage For The Olympics

UK mobile phone companies are working on a scheme to install mobile phone coverage in the Channel Tunnel in time for 2012. Unfortunately this only gives them a year, and if there’s one thing the Chunnel isn’t known for it’s “timely construction.”