White iPhone 4 Makes Us Swoon!

Calling the white iPhone 3G and 3GS white was not entirely correct, as it was strictly the rear panel that took on the colour, leaving the front looking exactly the same as the regular phone, making it more of a black and white device overall. But thanks to these glorious pictures of a Japanese white iPhone 4, we can see that Apple have addressed the issue and created something even more desirable than the standard iPhone 4! We have the feeling that this little beauty will even convert those who disliked the previous white iPhones, as the white glass has both […]

Nokia N8 – Return Of The King?

The Nokia N8 is the Nokia phone everyone has been talking about. Why? It’s the first Nseries phone to be released following the N97 Mini in September last year, it will debut Symbian^3 and it will be the first Nseries to use a solely touch-based interface. It’s fair to say there is considerable anticipation surrounding the Nokia N8, as this high profile release has plenty of competition and Nokia need a winning device to maintain their position as the world’s number one handset manufacturer. The early renders that appeared on the Internet didn’t do the Nokia N8 much justice. The 2D images made the […]