It’s Back and it’s Mad! New iPhone Worm Surfaces.

We all knew that it would get worse than Rick Astley, it was just a matter of time.  We haven’t had to wait long either, as a new iPhone worm has been discovered in the Netherlands and it does exactly what nefarious software is supposed to do, cause all sort of horrible problems.  As before, the worm infects jailbroken iPhones which run SSH, but only if the owner has not changed the root password. Once up and running, with a preference for being connected to a Wi-Fi network, the sneaky worm changes the root password for you, but without having […]

iPhone App For Remote Control Car

Awesome engineering and the number one “Coolest App Ever” until someone shoves an iPhone into the International Space Station computer, Texan scientists have hacked together an Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight controlled by an iPhone.  And then surfed on it. The “iPhone Controlled Car” is the latest project by the unexpectedly boringly named Waterloo Labs, who’ve previously built computer controlled fireworks and a way to play first-person-shooter games by firing real guns at them.  Basically, the only reason they haven’t tried to take over the world is they’ve already got everything they want.     The remote control car cannibalises the power-window motors to control […]

iPhone Antics

Today sees the launch of the iPhone 3G and 3GS on Orange in the UK, officially ending the exclusive two-year O2 run. Since the announcement back in September, no end of speculation arose surrounding competitive pricing and new iPhone deals. Today confirmed suspicions that the much-anticipated ‘price war’ was nothing more than a figment of our rather over-active imaginations. Never the less the Apple extension means less hassle for those who want a taste of iPhone without the hassle of changing networks. Head over to Phones 4u to compare the latest iPhone offers from both Orange and O2.

Catching the iPhone Worm

Last week reports emerged about the Dutch hacker who accessed ‘jailbroken’ iPhones and sent the owners a message asking for money. The message was kind enough… “You’re iPhone’s been hacked because it’s really insecure!” So he didn’t do any damage, but simply asked for 5 euros and he’d tell them how to secure their phone. Apparently he was doing it for the iPhone owners own good, so they wouldn’t get hit by real hackers! Since then an 80′s worm is targeting more jailbroken iPhones. 21-year-old hacker, Ashley Towns has written a program, similar to a virus that will attack unsecured […]

Vodafone’s iPhone Surprise…

With no other choice than to sit back and watch Orange and O2 reap the Christmas iPhone rewards, you would expect Vodafone to be at least a little disheartened. Apparently not. Subscribers to Vodafone’s iPhone updates will have received an email promising ‘some iPhone surprises over the next few weeks’, they’re not giving anything away just yet but have told people to ‘Look out for more updates in your inbox soon’ a half price handset, free music for a year… highly unlikely. But it’s a nice thought that Vodafone’s going to reward it’s customers for sticking with them… let’s hope […]

iPhone Price Point Unchanged By Orange

Anyone eagerly anticipating an inexpensive iPhone had better start saving after all -The newly announced Orange iPhone deals break O2′s exclusivity but not their rates. The top-of-the-line iPhone 3GS will retail at only nineteen pence cheaper than existing prices. Yes, that’s pence.  No, that’s not very much. It seems the cellphone providers have worked out that there’s no point in selling more of something if you’re losing money with each unit (as demonstrated by Sony’s PS3, which has lost them almost two billion pounds to date).  We’ll expect Vodafone’s announcement to establish a similar baseline, meaning you can haggle over your connection options […]

We’re Ready for the iPhone 3GS!

UK network O2′s sole exclusivity to sell the iPhone is about to end, two years after they sold their first one, with Apple reaching agreements with Orange, Vodafone and potentially T-Mobile and 3 too.  First out of the gate to offer an alternative network solution is Orange, with a tentative release date of the 11th November.  Vodafone should be joining the iPhone party in early 2010, with the final two sometime later in the year. When this news officially broke, it was widely thought that Orange and friends would only be selling the iPhone 3G and not its more powerful […]