Vodafone Confirm iPhone Release and Tariffs

Today, Vodafone have clearly laid out their plans for selling the iPhone in the UK for all to examine.  Vodafone are the latest UK network to leap aboard the iPhone sales train, joining Orange, Tesco Mobile and O2, whose exclusivity to sell the phone ended earlier this year. The Vodafone iPhone will be released on the 14th January and there are a variety of new tariffs to go with it.  The cheapest option will cost £30 per month, with 300 minutes and unlimited SMS, plus 1GB of data.  If you want a 3GS with this plan – and you do […]

Tesco On the Offensive with iPhone Pricing

It was late last month that Tesco announced they would be selling the world’s favourite smartphone via their Tesco Mobile service.  Of course, this prompted jokes centered around the Value range, but it seems like Tesco have had the last laugh as their just-released tariffs look rather good. Buyers will have a choice of a 12 or 24-month contract, with the former costing £20 per month, inclusive of £60 worth of calls and texts, and the latter at £60 per month with unlimited calls and texts.  Both these monthly deals include unlimited use of BT Openzone hotspots too.  The hit […]

Anti-Merrymaking Mobile App

The shopping center trees are up, employees are entering the insanity brought by christmas music on a permanent loop, and that means it’s time for the NHS to start stressing how wicked drink will murder us all in our faces and homes again.  They’ve at least upgraded their ads, releasing an iPhone application (with a Windows version available) to tell you exactly how much to not drink. Drinks Tracker can be updated with the amount you imbibe every day, providing feedback on how much you should cut back or tell you you’re doing fine.  Consider the likelihood of an NHS program saying […]

Smartphone OS Fight Night – Part Two! Android vs. webOS vs. iPhone OS

In part one we covered what could be considered the ‘old school’ smartphone operating systems, which essentially paved the way for those featured here in part two.  While Palm may have also been there right at the start, webOS has much more in common with its two main competitors, Android and iPhone OS, than it does with the original Palm OS.  Let’s take a closer look at the three biggest names in mobile operating systems today.

Supermarket Sweep

  You run out of milk, so you nip to your local supermarket, and there, sitting between the bread aisle and the dairy fridges is the most powerful smartphone to date… confused? I am. Tesco has announced it will be stocking the Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS before Christmas. A great catch for Tesco mobile, but what does this mean for the iPhones credibility? The Apple iPhone has always been THE luxury smartphone. The end of O2′s exclusivity saw the beginning of a crumbling reputation. Ok, so the iPhone hasn’t got any less powerful, it can still do everything […]

The Ultimate iPhone Upgrades

The iPhone is busily becoming our omniscient electronic overlord, an all-encompassing übergizmo assimilating more material than a Borg with rejection issues, and it isn’t all “give us money for fart noises” crap.  Some stride far beyond the app store, actually “doing” “things” with their hardware instead of handing over their credit card details for a few more pointless diversions. 1.  iPhone Magnifiying Glass Instructable user t-skware is engaging in iPhone forensics, and kicking CSI’s (and the App store’s) ass while he’s at it.  Digital enhancement of images usually ends up with the most time-intensive pixels you’ll ever squint at, your computer […]

It’s Back and it’s Mad! New iPhone Worm Surfaces.

We all knew that it would get worse than Rick Astley, it was just a matter of time.  We haven’t had to wait long either, as a new iPhone worm has been discovered in the Netherlands and it does exactly what nefarious software is supposed to do, cause all sort of horrible problems.  As before, the worm infects jailbroken iPhones which run SSH, but only if the owner has not changed the root password. Once up and running, with a preference for being connected to a Wi-Fi network, the sneaky worm changes the root password for you, but without having […]