iPhone HD 2010 Rumours Escalate

We all know it’s coming, but we just don’t know what it will be like when it arrives.  We’re talking, of course, about the next iPhone model, which if Apple stick to their previous announcement schedule we’ll be seeing at this year’s WWDC.  However, these last couple of days have seen some new rumours arise, starting with that announcement date… Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is likely to take place between the 28th June and the 2nd July, however John Gruber from the Wall Street Journal suggests that the phone will be announced on June 22nd, a week before said event.  […]

Vlingo iPhone App Review

If you always wanted a little more functionality from the standard voice control found on the iPhone 3GS, or you really don’t like typing with the virtual keyboard, then Vlingo’s recently updated application is likely to be of interest. Vlingo is voice control taken to the next level.  Instead of just being able to make a call or search for a phrase, this application adds Google Maps search, Facebook and Twitter status updates plus email and SMS messages too.  Upon starting the app you’re presented with a large button saying ‘press and speak’, with a tip for what you can […]

How to Force-Quit Your iPhone

Is your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo?  Is it locked in a non-responsive app?  In both of these cases, you need to perform a force-quit to get your iPhone up and working again.  Thankfully it’s really easy to do and to remember: Press and hold the On/Off/Sleep button on the top of your iPhone. If you’re in an app, the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider will appear, then press and hold the Home button below the screen until the app closes. If the Apple logo is displayed, you won’t see the slider, but you still need to hold down […]

75% of iPhone Addicts Sleep with Their Phones

There used to be a lot of jokes about the CrackBerry problem, the fact that BlackBerry users became addicted to their mobile phones. It appears that this is a problem for users of other smartphones, too, though. A recent survey indicates that iPhone users have a likelihood of becoming dependent upon their devices. In fact, three out of four of them admit to sleeping with their phones in their beds. The survey took a look at the activities of 200 students who owned iPhones. The majority of these students were relatively new to iPhone use, having had their iPhone for […]

How to Make Conference Calls on your iPhone

There are so many different things that you can do with your iPhone that you might forget about some of them. In fact, some of the most basic things that you can do on your phone might be things that you forget about if you don’t use them regularly. Placing conference calls using your iPhone is an example of such a thing. This is a really efficient task and one that’s easy to do on your iPhone. However, since it isn’t something you do every day, you might not remember how to do it. Here’s your guide. Make sure that […]

How to Password Protect your iPhone

For some, mobile phone privacy is a top priority. Considering that many of us now own a smartphone and generally tend to input our whole lives, including personal and bank details into these devices it’s probably in our best interest to have some kind of protection on your phone. With this in mind here’s how to set up a Passcode on your Apple iPhone. From the Homescreen open up the Settings icon and head to the General Settings tab. Once you’re there you should see a Passcode Lock option, which will be turned off. Simply click on the Passcode Lock […]

Idiotically Expensively Armoured iPhones

Bejeweling otherwise inexpensive objects is the preserve of people with more money than sense, even if you only count the cash they’re carrying, and even if you wait until they’re naked. Expensive plating is the exact opposite of armour – instead of protecting the sensitive systems inside, you’re adding more vulnerable and precious material outside. Add the fact that cellphones are more famous for being lost than the sunken city of Atlantis and you have an idea that’d make Brewster say “Hell no, I can lose millions without being that stupid.” 1. Gold Unless you’re a pimp or fighting Cybermen there […]