Apple OK Opera Mini for iPhone

While most people wanted it to happen, few actually believed that it would; but what was unthinkable a year ago has occurred over at Apple headquarters this week – as the Opera Mini mobile browser has been approved for the iTunes App Store! Anyone who has used a Symbian or Windows Mobile phone over the last few years will have most likely encountered Opera Mini before, but the iPhone version was only properly demoed at this year’s Mobile World Congress, where Opera’s campaign to ensure the app was approved began. The app got massive coverage and was finally submitted to […]

iPhone 4.0 OS Does the Rounds on Film

It was only a matter of time until videos of the new iPhone 4.0 OS emerged, and they’re popping up everywhere. Fortunatley, GSM Arena have kindly pointed us in the right direction, digging out the best of the bunch. The videos provide an insight, albeit brief, into the new iPhone Operating System capabilities and pay particular attention to the key feature that everyone’s talking about, multitsking. It appears that even this early edition of the iPhone OS is pretty stable. iPhone 4.0 handlers have reported minimak crashing compared to previous versions. The multitasking system seems to work as described, despite […]

How to Change the Order of Favorites on iPhone

Favourites, is a really convenient feature on the iPhone. It allows you to create a list of people that you call frequently and ring them with one touch. To recap how to enter favourites in case you aren’t sure: go to your home screen, select your phone icon, choose the favourites option from the bottom left side of the screen, choose the plus sign from the top right of the screen, scroll through your contacts until you find the one that you want to add as a favourite and then select that contact. One of the things that you can do […]

2 iPhones + 1 iPad = Coolest Scrabble Game Ever

Engadget recently posted something neat that you can do with your iPhones if you plan on being an early adopter of the iPad. It’s a high-tech version of Scrabble. And it’s fun enough that we had to share the news! Here’s the deal: First, you need to download the Scrabble app to your new iPad. Next you need to download the free TileRack app for each player’s individual iPhone. Now you can sync the phones to the iPad using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The iPhones then become your letter tile racks. You swipe the letters that you want over to […]

Improve iPhone Image Resolution When Sharing Photos

You take a picture with your iPhone. Now you want to send it to someone else. You surely already know how to do this. But did you know that the image that the other person receives is a watered-down version of the image that you’ve taken? With the iPhone’s already minimal-quality camera, you really don’t want the pictures you send to be of a lower resolution than what they already are. So how do you improve the resolution? It’s easy. Take the photo. Go to your iPhone’s camera roll. Find the photo. Press down on the photo. Wait for a […]

iPhone HD 2010 Rumours Escalate

We all know it’s coming, but we just don’t know what it will be like when it arrives.  We’re talking, of course, about the next iPhone model, which if Apple stick to their previous announcement schedule we’ll be seeing at this year’s WWDC.  However, these last couple of days have seen some new rumours arise, starting with that announcement date… Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is likely to take place between the 28th June and the 2nd July, however John Gruber from the Wall Street Journal suggests that the phone will be announced on June 22nd, a week before said event.  […]

Vlingo iPhone App Review

If you always wanted a little more functionality from the standard voice control found on the iPhone 3GS, or you really don’t like typing with the virtual keyboard, then Vlingo’s recently updated application is likely to be of interest. Vlingo is voice control taken to the next level.  Instead of just being able to make a call or search for a phrase, this application adds Google Maps search, Facebook and Twitter status updates plus email and SMS messages too.  Upon starting the app you’re presented with a large button saying ‘press and speak’, with a tip for what you can […]