HTC HD7 – Monster in Your Pocket

The HTC HD7 has a massive 4.3″ Super LCD touchscreen and it runs Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 software, making it just about the most desirable phone out there at the moment! Join us for a closer look at its features.

HTC HD2 + Windows Phone 7 = Dream Come True on 18th October?

The HTC HD2 is the best Windows Mobile phone we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, with all credit going to the brilliant hardware for making an often clunky OS feel as sprightly and joyous as a little bunny. But WinMob 6.5 is (sort of) a thing of the past with all eyes now on Windows Phone 7 and to celebrate, the HD2 could be back as the HD7, complete with an all-new spec! Spotted in an O2 document, a phone named the HTC HD7 is scheduled for release on the 18th October this year, a date right in the middle […]