Google Docs Viewer For Mobile Phones

Google Docs is now accessible on the move, with a new smartphone viewer allowing the modern commuter to review their files on the way to work. The service is available to both iPhone and Android users.

Google Going For Mobile Wallet Phone

Mobile money is on the way, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt showing off an “unannounced product” which looks very, very like an upgraded Nexus with Near Field Communications payment technology.

Google News More Readable on Smartphones Now

Google News has updated its mobile website so that smartphone news readers will find it easier to get the latest information from the site. It’s more user-friendly and it’s also easier on the eyes. Check out the new features here.

Hardware Issue Delays Nexus Two Release

The rumoured Nexus Two has apparently been delayed after a serious hardware issue was discovered. With Samsung’s Android event due to kick off in a few hours time, the question remains as to what they will be announcing in New York.