Orange Announce Exclusive San Francisco Android Phone

Orange are capitalising on the huge interest in Google’s Android operating system, as well as the need for low-end devices running the software, by introducing the San Francisco, their own-brand budget smartphone. The San Francisco from Orange is a clear competitor to the ZTE Racer from 3, as they both run Android 2.1 and are set at the same £99 Pay As You Go price point. However when we take a look at the San Francisco’s spec, it does trump the Racer in one key area. We’ll mention that in a minute, though it’s worth noting that the San Francisco is […]

Google Maps Update Adds Walking Navigation

Late last week, Google updated their Maps application for Android, sending version 4.5 out into the public.  The biggest change comes with the introduction of Walking Navigation Beta, which as the name suggests makes guidance easier if you’re walking around instead of driving. If you live in a big city, this is invaluable as the route suggested for a car is rarely the same as the route you would take on foot, so Google have optimised the software to provide the most sensible, direct route if you select the pedestrian option.  To make orientation easier, the image will rotate as […]

Android will be the leading Mobile OS by 2014

The Motorola Droid kicked off the Android boom earlier this year, and according to market share analysts, this won’t be stopping any time soon. In fact business and technology experts, Gartner, say that Android will be the market leader by 2014. The move to the number one spot is already underway as Gartner predict that the Android platform will be established as the 2nd most used operating system by the end of this year – ahead of RIM, Windows Mobile and iOS. The next step is to get ahead of Nokia’s Symbian operating system and with Symbian being strongly associated […]

Christmas 2010: Google Music for Android Users

Talks have been in the works for a while about a Google Music service designed to compete with Apple’s iTunes and Wired has reported that it’s likely to be released by Christmas. There is a huge Android vs. Apple war going on right now. The two companies are battling each other for dominance across several different markets. The most obvious competition is between the iPhone and the various Android handsets that have been released. However, the two companies are also competing in areas such as online TV and movies, software and advertising. Apple’s iTunes store is huge and the company […]

Google Launches New Voice Commands and Chrome to Home for Android

Announced with only a few days notice, the Google Mobile event has now finished and it was used to unveil some new additions to the Android OS. Although everything from Google Music to Android 3.0 itself was speculated as being the reason for the press conference, the reality turned out not to be quite as grandiose as many expected. The first of the two announcements was a further raft of voice commands for Android. As with existing voice commands, you’ll be able to activate the software from the search box or by pressing and holding the Search button, then tell the phone […]

Google Mobile Event Set for August 12th!

Google have called selected members of the press to an event held at their California headquarters tomorrow, the 12th August. The search giant has remained tight-lipped on exactly what will be shown off, but have cunningly titled it a Google Mobile event and have stated that they will be ‘unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features.’ So what will it be? As the event title doesn’t include the word ‘Android’, we doubt this will be our first official look at version 3.0, or Gingerbread, especially as Froyo is only just making it onto devices. Google Music seems to be attracting the most […]

Motorola Joining Rush to Launch a Tablet Computer

Given the success of Apple’s iPad tablet computer, the first product of its type to go properly mainstream, other manufacturers are keen to get their own versions onto the market as quickly as possible.  We already know there is a Samsung tablet coming, tentatively known as the Galaxy Tab, LG have spoken about an Optimus tablet and more recently HP have hinted they will be launching a ‘PalmPad‘ too. Now Motorola have piped up, with The Street reporting on a rumour that they will be launching their own tablet around November this year.  While the name and spec of said […]