Google Offers Tips and Tricks for Gingerbread Users

Google’s Jonathon Rosenberg has published some of his favourite Gingerbread tips and tricks. The extensive list provides a great insight into the new features of Android 2.3 including keyboard shortcuts and the best apps.

Android Market Given Makeover, Feels 21 Again

The Google Android Market will receive an upgrade with several new features in the next two weeks and the changes they’ve listed so far are very positive. It’s all in the name of making apps easier to find.

Most Searched Mobile Topics in 2010

Google’s Zeitgeist reveals that some of the things people searched for most in 2010 were tech related. The most popular topics included mobile technology, text donations and BlackBerry Apps and the iPhone 4.

Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet Pops Up in Taiwan

New shots of Motorola’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet have been posted online. The pictures give both the anticipated device, which has been given several potential names, and Android 3.0 a good showing off.

Rubin: 300,000 Android Activations a Day

Android chief, Andy Rubin has tweeted to the world that 300,000 Android phones are being activated every day. This is a huge leap up for the Google OS which reached the 200,000 mark just four months ago.

Google eBook Store Launched Stateside, Coming to Europe Soon

The launch of Google’s eBook store and the accompanying iPhone and Android applications, got a little lost in amongst yesterday’s announcements. The new store will only be available in the US initially but you can find out all about it here.

New ‘Related’ Tab Rolled Out for Android Market

A new ‘related’ tab has appeared on the Android Market and you don’t need to have Gingerbread to enjoy the benefits of it. The new feature suggests other similar apps to users after they download an app to their device.