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From iOS To Android, What Would It Be Like To Switch?

A long-term Apple iOS user considers switching over to Android and gives it a try for a week. Will the little green robot claim another fan, or will Apple win through? The answer may not surprise you, but the reasoning may!

How to Use Google Voice on Nexus One

Your Google Nexus One is designed to make it simple to use the Google Voice service. Here are the basic things that you’ll need to know: The Google Voice icon looks like a phone inside a talk bubble. It is located on both the home screen and the Google Nexus One launcher. Tap it in either place to get to the service. You can set up Google Voice just by pressing the icon and using the setup wizard. Google Voice opens to the last screen that you viewed or to your inbox if you haven’t recently been into the program. […]

Tip: Add Power Control Widget to Google Nexus One

Save the battery power on your Google Nexus One by adding and using the power control widget. Add Power Control Widget Go HOME. Press MENU. Touch “add”. Select “widgets”. Choose the power manager. Use Power Control Widget Use the widget to check what is using the most power. Top things to check including syncing, the brightness of your phone’s display and the status of radios. Turn off battery-draining items that aren’t needed. A huge battery drain is Bluetooth so if your power control widget reminds you that it’s running and you don’t need it make sure that you switch it […]

How to Take Great Pictures with Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One comes with a 5 megapixel camera that has built-in autofocus and an LED flash. This guide can help you use it to its full advantage to take, view and share photos. Tips and Reminders for Taking Great Photos Clean the lens. This phone is prone to smudges on the camera lens. Carry a cleaning cloth with you and use it to get clearer images. Learn to set manual exposures. Unlike many camera phones, the Google Nexus One lets you set manual exposures in the “camera settings” area of the phone. Set the white balance. This is […]

Conventional Sales: 1 Nexus One: 0.

You can’t blame them for trying, but it appears that US mobile phone buyers want to try their phones bef0re laying down the best part of $500 online, which under Google’s ‘revolutionary’ sales strategy, wasn’t possible. Long time Google Nexus One followers will recall that Google wanted to take the emphasis away from the networks and pull it towards the phone manufacturer, hence the decision to sell their first mobile phone direct via their website. The plan was to eventually offer a family of Nexus devices, all of which would be unlocked, or in conjunction with a provider – just […]