galaxy s

New Samsung Galaxy to Debut at Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress is now less than two months away, and rumours that Samsung will be showing their Galaxy S replacement are gathering pace. Excitingly, it’s probable a dual-core processor and Android 2.3 will be found running it!

The GT-i9010 is Another Samsung/Giorgio Armani Crossover

Samsung and Giorgio Armani return with the GT-i9010, a newish smartphone with the designer’s branding above the screen. We say newish, because this appears to be a re-branding of a re-branding, as underneath it’s a Galaxy S.

Samsung Continuum Made Official

Samsung launched the Continuum yesterday, a new touchscreen Android phone with a secondary ‘ticker’ display showing everything from new message alerts to RSS feeds. UK Samsung fans needn’t get too excited though, as it’s a US Verizon exclusive.

Samsung and Sony Ericsson Clean Up at the EISA Awards

This year’s winners of the European Imaging and Sound Association awards have been announced, with Samsung bagging two of the biggest mobile-related trophies of the night – the European Social Media Phone 2010-2011 and the European Smartphone 2010-2011.¬†Sony Ericsson also made a splash when they took home the European Mobile Phone Award too. The European Mobile Phone Award was given to Sony Ericsson for the excellent Xperia X10 Mini, and is probably the most important mobile phone award of the night. It’s also clear evidence that the opinion of what makes a regular mobile phone is changing, as the X10 […]

Exploring the (Samsung) Galaxy – Your Guide to the Range

It has been just over a year since Samsung released their first mobile phone with the Galaxy name, and it has subsequently been given to an ever-growing list of other Samsung phones, to the point where even dedicated fans are a little confused as to which model is which! Our aim here is to cover all the current Galaxy devices and provide an overview of their features, to help buyers make a better informed decision when it comes to buying a Samsung Galaxy phone. We start, logically enough, at the beginning: The I7500 Galaxy. This was Samsung’s first Android phone […]