Android: A Potted History

We take a close look at Google’s mobile platform, how it works and what has made it the most popular smartphone OS in the world…

HTC Gratia – Small, But Has it All

The HTC Gratia may be on the smaller side of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s recent arrivals list but has plenty of big things to offer including Android 2.2, a 5 megapixel camera and all the added extras that come with HTC Sense.

Toshiba Folio 100 Makes It Mark On Tablet Market

The Toshiba Folio 100 may have been overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S at this year’s IFA event, but this 10 inch tablet’s time to shine has arrived and we take a look at the features you can expect from it.

LG Optimus Tablet Delayed, Android to Blame?

When talking about their new Optimus range of smartphones over the last few months, LG have been casually mentioning the existence of a tablet computer too. Proving these were more than just rumours, LG even showed a slide at a recent dealer event picturing the Optimus Pad, along with the words ‘more information to come’ below it. Well, more information has now arrived, however it’s not exactly what we were expecting.  In fact, LG have frozen the Optimus Pad’s development and launch completely, citing problems with the Google Android operating system. An LG official spoke to Reuters and said: We plan to […]

Google Launches New Voice Commands and Chrome to Home for Android

Announced with only a few days notice, the Google Mobile event has now finished and it was used to unveil some new additions to the Android OS. Although everything from Google Music to Android 3.0 itself was speculated as being the reason for the press conference, the reality turned out not to be quite as grandiose as many expected. The first of the two announcements was a further raft of voice commands for Android. As with existing voice commands, you’ll be able to activate the software from the search box or by pressing and holding the Search button, then tell the phone […]