Bug Squashing iOS 4.3.1 Released

Apple release a new version of iOS 4.3, entitled iOS 4.3.1. As the revision number suggests, this is a minor update with fixes for several bugs and performance problems. See the whole change log inside…

iOS 4.3 For iPhone And iPad Released Early

Although it was announced as being ready on the 11 March, Apple have released the latest version of iOS slightly earlier than expected. Owners of iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad can now download iOS 4.3 for their devices via iTunes. We look at what this latest update contains…

iOS 4.3 to Offer iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot?

The release of the Verizon iPhone could have given us a sneak peak at a new feature set to arrive with a future iPhone firmware update, that of a Wi-Fi Hotspot allowing up to 5 devices to share its data connection.