How to Go Greener with your LG Pop

The LG GD510, better known as the LG Pop, is a great phone for people who are environmentally aware. The phone itself is made entirely from hazardous-free materials. This is really important since so many people are still throwing their handsets into landfills instead of recycling them. Additionally, the packaging that the phone comes in includes recycled paper that is printed with eco-friendly soy-based ink. If you’re smart, you can do more to be even greener with your LG Pop. The main thing that you will want to do is to take advantage of the fact that this phone comes […]

Mobile Phones + Smart Sewers = Reduced Water Pollution

Most of the time when we talk about green mobile phone issues, we’re talking about how to recycle your mobile phone or how to use renewable resources to power your device. However, mobile phones are a form of technology that could also be used in advanced methods of greening the earth. One new project that is getting a lot of attention involves using the antennas on cell phone towers to actually reduce the amount of water pollution affecting urban areas. Early studies of this possibility are looking good and trials will be starting soon to see how well this project […]

Sony Ericsson Officially Announce the Aspen

The Aspen is the latest GreenHeart mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, and another to be blessed with a tree-related name.  GreenHeart, as you may know, is the manufacturer’s range of mobile phones with ‘green’ aspirations, coming as they do in minimal packaging with CD-based manuals and complete with eco-friendly, low-consumption chargers. Up until now, the GreenHeart phones have been regular candybars or sliders – the Elm, Hazel and Naite for example – but the Aspen has both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard, plus plenty of other great features: 2.4″ 240×320 screen. A 3.2 megapixel camera. Assisted GPS. Wi-Fi and […]

New Guinness Record for Mobile Phone Recycling

Did you know that there is a world record for the number of mobile phones recycled in one week? Not only is there a record but there are groups that are actively trying to break that record. And it looks like one group, Scope (which is a cerebral palsy charity), just might have managed to do that this year. The current record is 952 phones recycled in one week and it is believed that Scope beat that number although the official tally by the Guinness record team isn’t in yet. Not only was this challenge good publicity for the charity but it […]

Sony Ericsson Faith joins the Green Line-Up

Sony Ericsson’s Greenheart series is venturing into the business world. The latest handset to leak into the public eye is the Sony Ericsson Faith, sporting a rather professional Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and 2.4″ resistive touchscreen. Adding yet more business-like strings to its bow is the QWERTY keyboard and 600MHz Qualcomm Processor. Supporting it’s professional image is the vast array of connectivity options, the Faith comes fully loaded with quad-band GSM /EDGE and dual band 3G with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and a microSD card. There’s also a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support. Things have been pretty quiet […]

Nokia’s New Year Resolution

A New Year means a fresh start. We’ve had a quick flick through one mobile manufacturer’s New Year’s resolutions… Save the environment, lift spirits, improve productivity and contribute to a healthy lifestyle, these are the four challenges Nokia has set itself in 2010. However, this is no ordinary resolution, because Nokia are seeking out international talent to help them on their mission to ‘make a difference in peoples’ lives’. Calling All Innovators 2010 is a contest for international application developers. Nokia is on the lookout for inspirational applications that will fall into one of four categories: Eco / Being Green: […]

Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart Plants An Elm and a Hazel

We saw the first GreenHeart mobile phones back in June, when the C901 and Naite were announced, and now Sony Ericsson has added two more environmentally-friendly phones to the range, naming them Elm and Hazel.  In case you’re not aware of Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart initiative, it aims to bring customers phones which have been made with a high percentage of recycled plastics and using no hazardous chemicals, stored inside basic packaging and with an e-manual over a printed version. Both phones share several key features and will also include the GreenHeart low-power mains charger: Both have 5 megapixel cameras with […]