Nokia E7 Faces Yet More Delays

Nokia’s latest flagship Eseries smartphone, the Nokia N9 may not be arriving until April according to newly outed UK shipping dates meaning the handset would be arriving seven months after its original announcement.

Dell Venue Pro Delayed Until January

The Dell Venue Pro won’t be released until the New Year. The news has not been welcomed by early buyers who claim to have already placed their orders with Dell for the vertical QWERTY Windows Phone 7 handset.

White iPhone 4 Suffers Further Delays

Remember those delicious pictures of a white iPhone 4 we were teased with a short while back? They were sure to make even the most hardened white-gadget hater swoon, and made those waiting for its mid-July launch even more excited to get their hands on one. However, Apple have got some bad news for those people today. The initial delays after launch suggested the white iPhone 4 would be with us around now, but in a short statement to the press, Apple have said that the white model of their latest phone still ‘continues to be more challenging to manufacture than originally […]