Our Phone Focus Saves Time

Some people like to complain about people hypnotized by mobile phones, because it’s a lot faster than counting their grey hairs or describing the dialysis their incredible old age requires…

The 3 Craziest Camera Accessories

Cameras are the latest victim of the smartphone’s rampage through our gadget collections. They’ve torn through our little LEDed boxes like the Borg, absorbing everything into their all-dominating rectangles. We’ve found three of the craziest camera-equipped phone parts…

How to Improve Photos on your LG Pop

Learning to use the advanced photo settings on your camera phone is important. Here are some tips for taking better photos on your LG Pop: Locate your advanced settings. It is simple to find the advanced settings on the Pop. In the camera setting on the phone, look at the left bottom corner. You will see a circular symbol inside of a black square. This is where your advanced settings are located. Press it to change those settings. Change the quality of the pictures that you take. This immediately improves your photos. You can choose between formal, fine and super […]

New Tech May Double Mobile Phone Picture Quality

Mobile phone cameras have improved vastly over the years. However, many people believe that the snappers are hitting their peak. We’re seeing cameras in the 12 megapixel range these days on certain mobile phones. Can it really get any better than that? One startup company says that it can but it’s going to be a matter of significantly changing the technology that is used. Semiconductors and Quantum Dots A company called InVisage is exploring superconductor technology that could change the mobile phone camera industry for good. They believe that we need to stop using silicon for our mobile phone camera […]