Which BlackBerry Is Best For You, the Curve 8520 or Bold 9700?

So you’ve decided to buy a BlackBerry. A great choice for email or communicating with your BlackBerry owning friends via the excellent BlackBerry Messenger. But you’re a little stuck when it comes to picking the right phone for you. In one hand you have the sleek Curve 8520 and in the other, the sturdy Bold 9700. Both brilliant devices, but which is going to be the correct choice for you? Our in-depth comparison should make your decision a little easier! The Phones. As both the Curve and the Bold feature fixed QWERTY keyboards in a candybar form factor, a quick glance doesn’t reveal […]

Quickly Copy and Paste Text on Your BlackBerry Curve 8520

Seeing as one of the prime reasons to buy a BlackBerry is to write emails, then the more you know about manipulating text quickly, the easier it will be to tap out your messages.  One of the most basic text manipulation functions is copy and paste, so here is a quick guide to the keyboard shortcuts to do it: If you want to highlight a line of text, press the ‘Shift’ key and use an up or down motion with your finger on the optical trackpad. If however, you want to highlight text letter by letter, then you need to […]

Leaked Images of BlackBerry Slider Will Split Opinion

An unseen BlackBerry phone has appeared on the Internet, courtesy of, and in a departure from the norm, it has a slider form factor.  The vast majority of RIM’s BlackBerry range is made up of fixed-QWERTY handsets, with only the Pearl Flip and the touchscreen Storm adding some flavour, so we should be pleased they are adding another new design to their portfolio. At least, we would be if it was slightly better looking.  Sliders are hard to get right as it’s easy for them to look chunky and clunky, and although the leaked pictures don’t really do the […]

How to Use Capture It to Get BlackBerry Screenshots

Capture It is a really cool app for BlackBerry handsets. It allows you to take screenshots of what you’re seeing on your BlackBerry screen. You can then easily share these screenshots to let other people know what you’re doing on your BlackBerry phone. Best of all, it’s simple to use and free to download. As long as you’re using a BlackBerry handset with a 4.3 OS or higher then you can easily use this app. Why Would You Want BlackBerry Screenshots? Think about all of the times that you’ve wanted to share what was on your mobile phone with someone […]

How to Set up an Email account on a BlackBerry Mobile Phone

For many, the reason behind getting a BlackBerry is because of its extensive email and messaging capabilities. With this in mind, accurately setting up your email account is a major priority, so here’s how to do it. When you switch your BlackBerry on for the first time you will be greeted with the Setup Wizard, from here you can either begin email set-up immediately, or delay it and take some time to get to know the handset first. There are two different email services available for BlackBerry users, which you choose depends on whether you want to use your handheld […]

RIM Demo New BlackBerry Web Browser

The web browser inside BlackBerry OS could never be described as the best available and certainly not on par with the comprehensive and easy-to-use email client, however RIM have been working hard on the next generation of BlackBerry browser and have demonstrated it at Mobile World Congress. The new browser has been built using WebKit, the same as Google Chrome, Safari and Symbian S60′s browser, and was put through a series of tests to provide an idea of its future performance.  The results were excellent, with the browser earning a 100% score in the Acid 3 tests and boasting AJAX, […]

The BlackBerry Magnum hits the big screen.

Images of the BlackBerry Magnum have been floating around for a while, now it has been spotted on video, confirming previous suspicions – that it will feature both a hardware QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. It was way back in May 09 when rumours first emerged on GSM Arena about a device codenamed Magnum. There was, and still is limited information available about the handset but it’s thought that the Magnum will run on a 624MHz CPU, sport a GPS receiver, 3G with HSDPA and Wi-Fi. From the video we guess the Magnum will sit somewhere between the Bold 9700 and […]