blackberry curve 3g

BlackBerry Curve 3G: Classic BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Curve 3G is a 3G take on one of RIM’s BlackBerry classics, the Curve 8520. We take a look at what else is brings to the entry level smartphone table…

BlackBerry Curve Tip: Find and Use Your PIN

BlackBerry users can send messages to one another using a PIN. Seeing as these messages are not routed through email, you will need to know each other’s PIN numbers in order to do this. Find your PIN There are two ways to find your own PIN number. The first is to go HOME, click “options” and select “status”. The other is to go into a message and then type “mypin” with a space after it. Send PIN messages Go HOME and click “messages”. Choose MENU and then select “compose PIN”. Enter the other person’s PIN number into the “to” field. […]