Samsung Wave 2 – Surfing USA

The Samsung Wave 2, if you haven’t already guessed, is the successor of the hugely popular bada smartphone, the Samsung Wave. It’s bigger at 3.7 inches, but is it better? We hit the waves to find out.

Samsung To Back Windows Phone 7, Ignore Bada?

An interesting set of figures show that Samsung could concentrate more on Windows Phone 7 than Android or Bada in 2011. The split is larger than you might think, with Bada only taking up a small slice of Samsung’s attention.

Samsung S8530 Wave II Announced

Samsung seem to enjoy confusing everyone with their smartphone names. Not being satisfied with adding meaningless numbers and letters after the Galaxy name to differentiate between models, they’re now doing the same with their Wave brand too. This is the S8530 Wave II, an acceptable enough moniker, except we’ve already seen the Wave 2 and the Wave 2 Pro, surely making this the Wave III. Still, at least it’s not as baffling as the Wave 723! Anyway, back to the phone. Here are the specs for the Wave II: Like the other Wave phones, this uses Samsung’s bada as its operating […]

Samsung Continue Bada Range with the Wave 723

No, it’s not the 723rd Wave phone to be released, so we’re not quite sure why this new Samsung phone has gained such a number after its name, aside from the fact its official model number is the S7230, making its full name the Samsung S7230 Wave 723. Brilliant! Anyway, this is the fourth bada-equipped phone to be announced and the second to make it to European shores, following the original Wave and its Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro siblings announced at CommunicAsia earlier in the year. The Wave 723 sits somewhere in-between the Wave and the Wave 2s, and here […]