Guide to Changing Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Wallpaper

Although changing the image displayed when your iPhone is locked is easy, there is a little more to it if you don’t want to use a standard image or one that you’ve taken with the iPhone’s camera. Here is our guide to getting your lock screen wallpaper exactly as you want it. Using Standard Images. This is the easiest way of personalising your lock screen. Press Settings. Then Wallpaper. If you select Wallpaper again, you will be presented with the pre-loaded Apple pictures. Press the one you like to see a preview, then hit Set if you want to keep it. If […]

Want Free Apps? Get an Android or iPhone.

The easiest place to get the apps that you want for your smartphone is to head to the online marketplace associated with that manufacturer. If you are looking at getting a new phone (especially if it is your first smartphone) you may want to review your app options. And if you’re specifically interested in getting free apps then you might want to think seriously about getting an Android handset since recent research shows that the Google Android marketplace has a higher percentage of free apps than any of the other markets. 50%+ Android Market Apps are Free Research from Distimo […]

Trends in Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. In fact, it has recently been predicted that by 2012 there will be more people purchasing mobile apps than buying CDs. But what exactly can we expect to see happen between now and then with mobile apps? Here are some of the trends that people expect: Growing Sales The biggest trend is going to be that more and more people are going to be using more and more apps. This is due in part to the greater availability and use of smartphones. Better phones (as well as ever-faster […]

Recognizr – Augmented Reality for People!

You’re probably familiar with augmented reality and the way in interacts with your surroundings, but what about augmented reality for people?  This is the idea behind Recognizr, a prototype application for Google Android which gives you information on the person you point your camera phone at. Developed by The Astonishing Tribe, a Swedish software company, Recognizr works by matching the face of the person – presumably using a concept similar to face and smile recognition – to those stored on its server and then displaying all known social networking profiles that person has. So you can see their email address, Facebook […]