10 Textbook Apps for Students

It’s just about time for college classes to begin and for most students, this means shelling out a lot of money for new textbooks. However, great phone apps can help you find the lowest cost books or even get ebook versions of  textbooks for free. The following ten apps can help you reduce your spending on  textbooks:: CourseSmart. Save some money and save the earth at the same time. This app offers your textbooks in eReader form for the iPhone. You don’t need to waste paper on reading printed books, can easily carry your books with you to study anywhere […]

Tesco Teams Up With Nokia So You Can Do Your Shopping By Mobile

In a surprising move, Tesco is developing an m-commerce shopping app with Nokia – bucking the trend for retailers to work with Apple. The app is at the approval stage and will be made available for Nokia users to download from the Ovi store. Although shopping via mobile sounds like the ultimate in lazy decadence, it could be fraught with problems.  Tesco do promise that the app will allow people with accounts to shop safely online through their mobiles, including making alterations to their orders while on the move – we’re already thinking it will be pretty useful for […]

Want to Be an App Developer? Google Makes it Easy

If you’ve looked on with envious eyes at software developers creating their own applications for the iPhone, Symbian, Windows, Android and any amount of other mobile platforms, but couldn’t join in the fun because you didn’t know any programming languages, Google may have launched the exact tool for you. The App Inventor can be found inside Google Labs and is an app creation tool for the Android operating system, but made for people who aren’t programmers. According to Google, the App Inventor can be used to write any application you can think of, from a new game to an educational tool […]

20 Green Apps for BlackBerry Handsets

Previously we have looked at green apps for the iPhone and Android phones. Some of these are also available for the BlackBerry lover, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones that are bound to satisfy your green fingers: ShopGreen. This is a comprehensive app that tracks your activities at home, the shops or in the car and recommends tips for being greener in all of these areas. Additionally, you can use it to earn “green points” to earn yourself discounts on eco-friendly products. Barcoo. This is a barcode scanner that you can use to get information about items […]

Guide to Changing Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Wallpaper

Although changing the image displayed when your iPhone is locked is easy, there is a little more to it if you don’t want to use a standard image or one that you’ve taken with the iPhone’s camera. Here is our guide to getting your lock screen wallpaper exactly as you want it. Using Standard Images. This is the easiest way of personalising your lock screen. Press Settings. Then Wallpaper. If you select Wallpaper again, you will be presented with the pre-loaded Apple pictures. Press the one you like to see a preview, then hit Set if you want to keep it. If […]

Want Free Apps? Get an Android or iPhone.

The easiest place to get the apps that you want for your smartphone is to head to the online marketplace associated with that manufacturer. If you are looking at getting a new phone (especially if it is your first smartphone) you may want to review your app options. And if you’re specifically interested in getting free apps then you might want to think seriously about getting an Android handset since recent research shows that the Google Android marketplace has a higher percentage of free apps than any of the other markets. 50%+ Android Market Apps are Free Research from Distimo […]

Trends in Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. In fact, it has recently been predicted that by 2012 there will be more people purchasing mobile apps than buying CDs. But what exactly can we expect to see happen between now and then with mobile apps? Here are some of the trends that people expect: Growing Sales The biggest trend is going to be that more and more people are going to be using more and more apps. This is due in part to the greater availability and use of smartphones. Better phones (as well as ever-faster […]