Apple iPhone 4

Apple Japan Reveals 4S Release Date

Apple Japan’s online store has let slip that the iPhone 4S, which is due to be announced at tonight’s event, will launch on 14 October. There’s no word about when it’ll reach UK shores but we can’t imagine that it’d be too far in the future. The site page shows a simple placeholder for the 4S, dated 10/14 and timed 8am. There’s another placeholder set up for the iPod Nano, which is also imageless, however the copy does describe a new user interface, clock and well-being functions. The October 14 date does fall in-line with Pocket-lint’s reports that two news […]

White iPhone 4 On Track For Late April Release

After hearing that the white iPhone 4 may have been tossed on the scrapheap, new reports are now suggesting that the pale version of Apple’s latest smartphone will be released this month.

Apple Screwing iPhone 4 Owners

Apple repair staff have reportedly been instructed to change the screws on any iPhone 4 brought in for servicing, even equipment that doesn’t need hardware repairs.