No Nexus Two Says Google

When the Google Nexus One debuted at the beginning of the year, it was thought that it was the first in a series of Nexus mobile phones. Indeed, the online store where Google sold the Nexus One was touted as the future home for all Nexus models along with other high-end Android devices. However, it now seems that the Nexus One will remain unique, as Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has said they will not be following it up with the Nexus Two. Speaking to The Telegraph, Mr. Schmidt said they initially built the N1 to kickstart the Android revolution and […]

Android 3.0 Coming October, Bringing Minimum Requirements With It?

We know! Android 2.2 has hardly appeared on any devices and already we’re looking ahead to the next version of Google’s operating system! That’s just the way the mobile phone market is at the moment, and we certainly don’t want it to stop and stand still! At this point, none of this information has been confimed by Google themselves, so it remains speculation, but the source involved – Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin – is well-known for his industry knowledge. The rumours begin with Android 3.0 being made available to developers and manufacturers by mid-October this year, with a view to getting […]

Want Free Apps? Get an Android or iPhone.

The easiest place to get the apps that you want for your smartphone is to head to the online marketplace associated with that manufacturer. If you are looking at getting a new phone (especially if it is your first smartphone) you may want to review your app options. And if you’re specifically interested in getting free apps then you might want to think seriously about getting an Android handset since recent research shows that the Google Android marketplace has a higher percentage of free apps than any of the other markets. 50%+ Android Market Apps are Free Research from Distimo […]

INQ Confirm Android Plans for 2010

You probably know the INQ brand from phones such as the Facebook phone and their recent Twitter phones, and those who follow the manufacturer’s plans closely may also recall that around this time last year, INQ revealed they would be bringing Google’s Android operating system to a future device. Now, Frank Meehan, the CEO of INQ, has once more spoken about their Android plans at the GigaOm Mobilize conference. But rather than simply giving us an idea of when we will be seeing this new phone, Mr. Meehan has given us a glimpse of the future of INQ itself – and […]

Samsung’s New Corby Phone is Smart, Android Smart!

The Samsung Corby range features affordable touchscreen devices, or in the case of the CorbyTXT and CorbyPRO, QWERTY-equipped phones for the masses, bringing smartphone-style without a smartphone OS. This has just changed however, as the newly announced i5500 Corby Smartphone has finally gone all the way and added Google Android! Here is the spec sheet for the new i5500: Google Android v2.1 A 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen. 2 megapixel camera. 3G with HSDPA. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 and DLNA sharing. GPS The little i5500 also has a 3.5mm headphone socket, a microSD card slot, a hefty 1200mAh battery and weighs just 102 grams. Of […]

Android v2.2 – Who’ll Get it First?

The announcement of Google Android v2.2 was met with applause at Google I/O last week and rightly so, as there are several very exciting new features in this update, as well as speed and performance improvements. But which mobile phones will be blessed with the update, and when? This is something Google didn’t discuss, so it was down to HTC, talking to Pocket-Lint, to set the record straight. In a wholly unsurprising move, the Google Nexus One will be the first to get an upgrade to the latest version of Android, in keeping with Google’s promise on its ongoing compatibility. According […]

Android 2.2 Official at Google I/O.

Thursday was the second day of Google’s I/O conference and was host to the second keynote speech, where the next version of their Android OS, v2.2, codenamed Froyo, was announced. Here is a rundown of the major changes we will see: Speed Increases. A game demonstrated how refined Froyo will be, with a graphics heavy game running steadily at 30fps plus, while the exact same demo on Eclair rather struggled. New Enterprise Support. Twenty new features have been added along the lines of security and auto-discovery. Cloud-to-Device Messaging. Send information directly to phones – instantly – from other Google apps. Tethering. Turn your […]