LG Optimus Tablet Delayed, Android to Blame?

When talking about their new Optimus range of smartphones over the last few months, LG have been casually mentioning the existence of a tablet computer too. Proving these were more than just rumours, LG even showed a slide at a recent dealer event picturing the Optimus Pad, along with the words ‘more information to come’ below it. Well, more information has now arrived, however it’s not exactly what we were expecting.  In fact, LG have frozen the Optimus Pad’s development and launch completely, citing problems with the Google Android operating system. An LG official spoke to Reuters and said: We plan to […]

Altek Announce 14 Megapixel Camera Phone

If the Nokia N8‘s 12 megapixel count is not enough, and you always need to one-up your friends, then Altek’s Leo could be for you, as it boasts a 14 megapixel camera! We spotted the Leo back in June, when the company gave a sneak preview ahead of its debut at the CommunicaAsia show, and now we have a better picture, a complete specification and a release date too. Here is the feature list: A 3.2″ touchscreen with multi-touch and WVGA resolution. Google Android v2.1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA. GPS and a digital compass. A microSD […]

HP Decide Against Android Phone

Hewlett Packard won’t be adding a smartphone running Google Android to their range, preferring to forge ahead with their recent acquisition of Palm and webOS instead.  Speaking to the Financial Times, former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein, now an executive at HP, said any future smartphone would use version 2.0 of webOS and that the project for an Android phone had been abandoned. This isn’t the first time this year the HP have decided against using another operating system on a future piece of mobile hardware, as the company’s Executive VP Todd Bradley said exactly the same things about Windows Phone […]

Vodafone 945 and 553 Phones Announced

Vodafone have revealed two new own-brand mobile phones, the 945 and the 533 553, both of which they’re hoping to storm the entry-level end of the market with, although the UK will only be seeing one of the two devices go on sale. Like Orange with their recently announced San Francisco phone, Vodafone’s 945 has Google Android version 2.1 installed and from some angles, the design reminds us of a dumpier Nokia N8!  The capacitive touchscreen measures 3.2″ while around the back of the handset there is a 5 megapixel camera, plus inside you’ll find both GPS and Wi-Fi.  Vodafone […]

Making Androids Is Like ‘Wetting Yourself’ – Nokia Chief

Please bear with us, we haven’t made this up! Anssi Vanjoki, the outgoing Nokia boss is hitting the headlines after coming up with a rather strange analogy in an interview with the Financial Times. He says that producing Android phones is like wetting yourself to get warmer.  We understand it gets very cold in Finland, so perhaps this is just another ingenious method to keep warm. Still confused, and maybe a little disturbed? Imagine that you are very cold and so have ‘relieved’ yourself in an attempt to warm up a bit – it would actually work for a while, […]

Sony Ericsson Say Goodbye to Symbian…For Now

Sony Ericsson have confirmed some comments made by their chief technology officer that they would no longer be producing hardware designed to use the Symbian operating system.  A company spokesperson spoke to Bloomberg and stated: We have no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system. Sony Ericsson haven’t been as prolific with Symbian as Nokia, who as well as being tied to the software, started the Symbian Foundation back in 2008 and counts Sony Ericsson as a member, and last used the OS on the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro […]

Orange Announce Exclusive San Francisco Android Phone

Orange are capitalising on the huge interest in Google’s Android operating system, as well as the need for low-end devices running the software, by introducing the San Francisco, their own-brand budget smartphone. The San Francisco from Orange is a clear competitor to the ZTE Racer from 3, as they both run Android 2.1 and are set at the same £99 Pay As You Go price point. However when we take a look at the San Francisco’s spec, it does trump the Racer in one key area. We’ll mention that in a minute, though it’s worth noting that the San Francisco is […]