BlackBerry Torch 9800 – RIM’s Guiding Light?

Prior to its launch, the BlackBerry Torch was surely one of the most photographed and intensely studied mobile phones seen for a while. We went from blurry to beautiful in term of pictures and saw much speculation on its name, with the Onyx, Talladaga, Bold 9700a and of course, the Slider all connected with the device at one time or another. All questions were answered at an event on the 3rd August, when RIM made the 9800 Torch official. Initially it was thought that the new flagship BlackBerry device may have been a US-only phone, but it turns out it’s coming to […]

BlackBerry 9800 Slider to Launch on Tuesday?

The BlackBerry 9800, or Slider as it has also been called, could be making its official debut next Tuesday if reports are accurate. RIM are holding an event in New York where they’re going to be joined by AT&T, who are expected to have the exclusive rights to the phone in the USA. We’ve been seeing the 9800 Slider for a couple of months now and while it didn’t set hearts racing at first, subsequent pictures made it look far more attractive, plus the fact it’s likely to be the first phone to run the brand new BlackBerry OS 6 software […]

Wow! New BlackBerry Slider Photos Make it Look Great!

The BlackBerry 9800 Slider has been pictured by someone who not only owns a decent camera, but knows how to use it too; as the latest series of snaps finally do the still-unannounced phone some justice.  The 9800 didn’t get much love the first few times around, but these new pictures should change all that, as it’s looking very slick indeed. Revealed by a Chinese BlackBerry website, we can see the 9800′s keyboard looks slightly different to some of the early leaked shots, and much better for it too. An optical trackpad sits below the large touchscreen, which if Google’s […]