Nokia N900 Blurs Line Between Smartphones and Portable Computers

The Nokia N900 (aka the Nokia Rover) is a device that is not quite a mobile phone and not quite a laptop computer. Or if you want to look at it another way; it’s a device that functions as both of these devices making it one of the most modern devices on the market today. This is the first Internet tablet that incorporates full phone functionality into its design. It also incorporates many features of a smartphone including a touchscreen, a digital camera and advanced media player capabilities. With multiple keyboard options and a lot of options for personalization, this […]

Nokia N97 Mini…it’s here

The rumours have finally been confirmed. The Nokia N97 Mini was unveiled this morning at the Nokia World event in Stuttgart. If you’re a current N97 owner, look away now… Being the younger brother to the N97, you can see similarities between the two, the touch screen (now 3.2mm) and qwerty keyboard are still here as well as the tilt display, the only difference aesthetically is the size of the handset, its much smaller. But dont let that fool you, there’s still a hell of a lot crammed into that 14.2mm frame. You can expect the same Symbian technology, 5mp camera and video quality, […]

Nokia 6700 Classic: The Ultimate Review

If there is a style of mobile phone Nokia excels at, it’s the simple candybar.  The traditional screen at the top and alphanumeric keypad below may, at first glance, seem like the easy design option, however it’s often one of the most challenging; as to make it desirable, patience and talent is required.  The award-winning 6300, especially in its silver and black colour scheme, was just such a mobile and now it’s being replaced with the equally special 6700. Overview of the Nokia 6700 The shape is an evolution of the 6300 and it has retained the silver/black livery, but […]

The Ultimate Nokia N97 Review

As soon as the Nokia N97 mobile phone was announced in early December 2008, people started showing a lot of interest in this phone. It is touted as not being just a regular old cell phone but actually serving as a “mobile computer”. Of course, with the advances that we’ve made in mobile wireless technology and applications on mobile phones, most modern mobile phones are really mobile computers, aren’t they? This is basically what the new mobile phone is all about. Nevertheless, the Nokia N97 appears to have a lot of great features that could make it possible that this […]

Nokia 5710 XpressMusic

There have been rumors floating around for a while now that Nokia is planning an upgrade to the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic mobile phone and it looks like those rumors are now confirmed with the recent announcements about a Nokia 5710 XpressMusic phone made on the Nokia news page. In its announcements about the phone, Nokia has focused consumer attention on the design changes made to the device. However, it should be noted that there are additional subtle functional changes as well particularly in the area of improving the camera that is built in to the phone. Nokia 5710 Key Features In […]

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Ultimate Review

The world has been waiting for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.  We started seeing pictures earlier this year on the Internet, we all caught a glimpse of it in use during The Dark Knight movie and we rejoiced at its official announcement in October and now, after an unforeseen delay, it’s finally ready to hit the shelves! The Nokia 5800 featuring … The 5800 is the world’s first Symbian S60 5th Edition touchscreen mobile phone and Nokia’s first proper attempt at a dedicated touchscreen handset.  We were all prepared early on for the 5800 to be a midrange device, however the operating […]

Nokia N85 Ultimate Review

We’ve been anticipating the latest pair of Nokia N-series handsets, the N79 and N85, ever since we first caught sight of them in August. Now, with the October 31st release of the N85 almost upon us, it’s time to take a closer and more in-depth look at this new multimedia powerhouse from Nokia. Although it’s billed as the replacement to the flawed N81, its feature set and slimline, modern design actually makes it the perfect choice for anyone wanting a new style N95. The N85 is a dual-slider mobile phone, just the like the N95, but is considerably more compact […]