Nokia Lumia 900 Hands On

The Lumia 900 US at launch at CES looked set to pull Nokia back into the limelight for the American market. Now it is Europe’s turn, with the 900 making its debut at the 2012 Mobile World Congress…

Nokia E7: Suited And Booted

The Nokia E7 has finally arrived after what seems like aeons. Will the business-orientated QWERTY slider live up to its billing as a flagship handset? Read on to find out…

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type – A Good Mix

The Nokia X3-02 is another of Nokia’s secret weapons that they hope will take them to smartphone domination. This handset combines the best of both worlds and combines a touchscreen display with a traditional keypad.

Nokia C7: Social Chameleon

Everybody’s favourite Finns, Nokia has finally gotten around to releasing a slew of handsets to showcase their eagerly-awaited Symbian 3 operating system. The Nokia C7 arrives as part of a trio of the new Symbian devices alongside the affordable mid-ranged C6, and QWERTY slider the  E7. Is the new OS up to scratch? We have a firk around to find out. Design From the first glance the C7 looks quite formidable being as it’s constructed in the main from sturdy and solid aluminium. However, the ultra glossy 3.5-inch AMOLED glass touchscreen does seem to be a bit of a grease magnet […]

Nokia N8 – Return Of The King?

The Nokia N8 is the Nokia phone everyone has been talking about. Why? It’s the first Nseries phone to be released following the N97 Mini in September last year, it will debut Symbian^3 and it will be the first Nseries to use a solely touch-based interface. It’s fair to say there is considerable anticipation surrounding the Nokia N8, as this high profile release has plenty of competition and Nokia need a winning device to maintain their position as the world’s number one handset manufacturer. The early renders that appeared on the Internet didn’t do the Nokia N8 much justice. The 2D images made the […]