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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to Come With Tegra 2 Chips

Samsung has placed a $350 million order for NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 chips to use in their upcoming smartphones and tablets. It’s thought that the chip will feature in the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Android 2.4 is Honeycomb – Or Is It?

The next Android update, Honeycomb may not be version 3.0 as everyone originally thought. New information from a developer suggests that it may in fact be Android 2.4 with 3.0 coming later at an extra special event.

BlackBerry PlayBook Heading to Shelves in March

Though RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be arriving in Q1 a while ago, they didn’t specify exactly when. New information from the firm’s Q3 earnings call this week has given us a better idea of when to expect it.

Nokia and HTC Bringing Tablets to the Party in 2011

HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has revealed that the company may be unveiling a new tablet in 2011. While he remained tight lipped on the juicy details, a possible Nokia tablet has also been outed for a Q3 release.

Microsoft Launching Windows 8 Tablets at CES 2011?

Microsoft may be lifting the curtain on a more touchscreen friendly OS, Windows 8 at the CES convention in Las Vegas next month. The manufacturer is reported to be bringing some new devices along for the ride too.

Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet Pops Up in Taiwan

New shots of Motorola’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet have been posted online. The pictures give both the anticipated device, which has been given several potential names, and Android 3.0 a good showing off.

Leaked iPad 2 Case Confirms Rear Camera

An iPad 2 case from a Chinese accessories manufacturer shows space for a rear facing camera. The leak is the latest in a string of speculation that the tablet newcomer will come complete with some form of snapper.