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12 Steps To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Mobile Phone

Regardless of the fact that the standby time of most modern mobiles runs into days, there has come a point in all our lives where our phone’s battery meter is flashing as we need to make a very important call – will it have the juice to do it, or will it cut out just as you say ‘hello’?  This needn’t be a regular occurrence though, as there several ways to improve the length of time your battery lasts and, because we like you, we’re going to share them. To work, your mobile phone depends on its battery, in turn […]

14 Things To Do With An Old Cell Phone

There must be millions of old cell phones festering away in drawers, forgotten and unloved, and soon to be consigned ingloriously to the rubbish dump. But before you send your ancient phone packing, check out our tips on how to squeeze that last little bit of juice out of your old pal. 1. Trade it for Cash Ever wondered how much your old mobile phone could be worth? With Dial-a-Phone’s cash for old phone offer you can be getting back some of that money you originally spent, check it out here. Simply choose your phone, find out the value and then decide if you

Buyers’ Guide: Why have a phone and a media player?

It’s been coming for a while and when Steve Jobs commented that the iPhone was “the best iPod” Apple had ever made it was cemented; there hardly seems a need for a separate phone and media player any more. To play MP3s and even some videos on a handset is less complex than adding a decent camera, after all. The quality of the music file is controlled when it’s downloaded or ripped, better earphones can be bought and phones mostly have larger and higher resolution screens than ever before. But there are still some advantages that a media player has […]

Jon Tickle: How to save a phone that’s gone down the toilet!

Every year, Britons drop 850,000 phones down the toilet at a cost of over £300 million. In this Dial-a-Phone tutorial, Jon Tickle, star of Big Brother and Brainiac explains what to do the next time your phone takes a swim! Cheers Jon, very helpful! So just to recap then…

Buyers Guide: Can a camera phone ever replace a camera?

It’s not all about megapixels, megapixels, megapixels you know. Increasingly, people are looking towards camera phones as the ultimate in gadget convergence because it really is handy not to have to take an expensive extra bit of tech with you on holiday. Plus, suppose you suddenly bump into your hero on the street (unlikely to happen to me unless Neil Gaiman moves back to England) and you have no camera to record the event? You’d like to know that a mobile phone snap won’t be the blurry, badly lit photo some phones had lead us to expect. So what should […]

5 ways not to use your mobile phone!

Luke Mckinney is a guest blogger for Dial-a-Phone. Check out his blog! If you fancy blogging for Dial-a-Phone have a look at the following post Mobile phones are the Swiss Army knives of electronics.  Communications, video, GPS, temperature sensing, even acting as a sex toy, you name it and there’s a handset that does it.  But even in this world of wonders you still need to be careful: it may be true that the gadget in your pocket makes a Star Trek communicator look like a stone age relic, but there are still a few things you shouldn’t use it […]

How to upload to Flickr using a mobile phone

It was only a matter of time before the social neworking revolution found its way onto the mobile phone, next in our series of ’How to’ guides we’ll explain how to upload your mobile phone pictures directly to popular photo community Flickr.