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How to Send an SOS Message on Samsung E1170

Make sure that you enable the SOS message option on your Samsung E1170. This will allow you to get help in an emergency if that need ever arises. We show you how to set it up in the following easy steps.

How to Record a Video on Samsung Wave

Your Samsung Wave handset comes with built-in video capture, playback and streaming. This is the complete guide to recording a video using this phone. Getting to the Video Recorder To access your video recorder, turn on your camera. Rotate the phone to landscape view. Select the icon on the top left of the screen that looks like a camera. This will get you into video recording mode. Choosing Basic Video Recorder Settings Before you begin recording, you can alter some very basic settings directly from the screen. These settings include: Zoom. Use the volume button on the phone to zoom […]

How to Use Samsung Galaxy S to Keep a Photo Diary

Diaries are a great tool for many people. They provide you with a record of things that have happened in your life. They give you a concrete thing to look back on to better understand your thoughts and feelings. They help you get to know yourself better, deal with tough times through self-expression and store memories that you want to be able to recall later. Busy People Aren’t Using Diaries … But They Should! Unfortunately, many people have stopped using diaries due to social networks and blogs. However, a personal diary can offer benefits that a public diary cannot. So […]

How to Print Images from Samsung Tocco Ultra

The Samsung Tocco Ultra S8300 doesn’t just let you take pictures, it lets you print them too. In fact, it gives you two printing options and here’s how you can do it: Print Images from Samsung Tocco Ultra Using a Data Cable First you’ll need to open an image. To do this, go to MENU then select “my files”. From there, choose “images” and then select “my photos”. At that point, you will see the various photo files that are available and you can open the one that you want to print. Then, connect your phone to your printer using […]

How to Use the Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 Radio

The Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 has a lot of cool advanced features. It also has some neat retro features like the option to listen to the radio on the phone. Since many people no longer listen to the radio, you may not quite know how to take advantage of this option. The following tips will help guide you through the process so that you can enjoy this quirky little feature of the phone. Always use a headset when listening to the radio on this device. It serves as the antenna to help the radio come in more clearly. Note that […]