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How to Add ‘My Sign’ Shortcuts to your Motorola Milestone

My Sign is a clever way of speeding up access to often used features or apps on your Motorola Milestone. It’s a simple gesture based system, where a shape drawn on the touchscreen corresponds with a particular action.  For example, one of the preset My Signs is a V for going directly to voicemail. To find out which gestures are already set-up on your Milestone, and assign any which you want to add, here’s what to do: Press the Menu key – the second from the left under the screen. Select List Gestures. A list showing all current My Signs […]

How to Make and Answer Calls on your Motorola Milestone

There are so many complex things that we can do on our smartphones right? Sometimes we forget that the original purpose of the phone was to make and receive voice calls. In fact, some phones are really easy to navigate when it comes to SMS messaging or the mobile web or the phone’s geo-location features but not nearly as simple when it comes to just making calls. That’s why you need a refresher course on the many different calls that you can make on some phones. This is your total guide to making and receiving calls on your Motorola Milestone. […]