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How to Take Better Pictures on HTC Wildfire

The HTC Wildfire already has a decent 5 megapixel camera, but there are a whole range of options ready for you to take advantage of when it comes to taking pictures on this handset. We take you through them in this guide.

How to Take Better Pictures on HTC Desire

The HTC Desire has a built-in 5 megapixel camera which comes with many different basic and advanced settings. Playing around with these will help you take better pictures. Check out the following HTC Desire camera options: Brightness. When you turn on the camera, you will see a sun-shaped icon on the upper left side of the screen. Choose this icon and then slide the bar up and down to change the brightness of the photo. Contrast. Immediately beneath the brightness icon is an icon that looks like a circle that is half empty and half filled in. From here, you […]

How to Root Your HTC Desire

Many Android users choose to root their phones. This essentially gives them administrative rights to the phone. Benefits include faster phone operation, Wi-Fi tethering, the ability to run special apps that require root permissions and the ability to add a custom ROM. Follow these steps to root your HTC Desire: Backup the information on the phone so that you don’t lose it, just in case something goes awry when you’re rooting the phone. There are  different options for doing this. A very basic way is to use the backup tool on the phone. Go to Home, MENU and choose “settings” […]

How to Use 5 In-Call Options on HTC Wildfire

You are speaking to someone on your HTC Wildfire handset when something else grabs your attention. Maybe you need to put the call on hold, mute the microphone or switch to speakerphone. You may even need to take another call or even set up a conference call with a third party. Here is how to do all of those different things on your HTC Wildfire. 1. Placing a call on hold on HTC Wildfire. For any number of reasons, you may need to place a call on hold. To do this, simply press MENU then tap “hold”. You will see […]

How to Personalize HTC Wildfire Ringtones and Wallpaper

When you first get your HTC Wildfire you’ll want to personalise it to make it your own. To make your mark on your Wildfire quickly, all you need to do is set the ringtone and wallpaper to something a little more personal. Follow the steps in this guide to get started. How to Change HTC Wildfire Ringtone The simplest way to personalise your HTC Wildfire is to change the ringtone. Press MENU. Select “settings”. Choose “personalise”. Select “default ringtone”. A menu of options will appear. Choose the ringtone you desire from the list of options. Press “ok” and you’re all […]

How to Choose the Right HTC Phone

So, you’ve narrowed down your handset options to just HTC because you like what the brand has to offer. Now how do you decide which phone is the right one for you? We’ve devised the following tips to help you decide: Decide which operating system you want. Many people who purchase a HTC phone do so because they want the Android OS. In that case, the HTC Wildfire or HTC Desire would be great choices. However, you do have other OS options with the brand. For example, the HTC Smart runs the Brew OS and the HTC HD Mini is […]

Ultimate Guide to Adding Contacts to HTC Legend

HTC Legend makes it easy to import contacts from around the web as well as from other phones and through manual input. You have six options for adding contacts to your HTC Legend. Let’s explore all of those options: Add phone contacts. The basic way of getting contacts into your HTC Legend is to add them directly into the phone. Go to HOME. Press “people”. Go to “all”. Choose “add”. Select the “phone” account. Select the name field, enter the first and last names of the contact and choose the order in which to display these names. Select OK. Manually […]