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How to Love and Care for your BlackBerry Storm

A touchscreen phone needs a little more care and attention than a regular phone with a keyboard, as the often large expanse of screen is easily damaged, resulting in at best reduced performance, or at worst complete failure. So what can you do to protect your considerable investment outside of taking care not to drop it? Screen Protectors These are thin, transparent pieces of flexible plastic which stick to the screen, offering a degree of scratch protection. There are many on the market, but not all are born equal. However, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure you’re getting […]

Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105: How to Block Calls

There are so many cool features on the Blackberry Pearl 3G that we sometimes forget about the simpler things. This handset allows you to block both incoming and outgoing calls. Here’s how to do it: Reasons You May Want to Block Calls You may want to block both incoming and outgoing calls when you’re travelling  to prevent roaming charges. This handset gives you the option of blocking all incoming calls, all outgoing calls and / or all international outgoing calls. You can also block outgoing international calls even when you are not roaming in order to avoid excess charges. Avoid […]

How to Easily Use Blackberry Pearl 3G Voice Commands

The Blackberry Pearl 3G  is equipped to let you use voice commands. This makes it simple to perform your most frequently-used activities on the phone just by telling it what you want it to do. Set Blackberry Pearl 3G  Voice Commands Language Make sure  your handset is set to use voice commands in your primary language. To do this, go to HOME then choose “options” and select “language and text input”. In the “voice dialling language” field, choose the language that you want. Press MENU and save. Teach Your Blackberry Pearl 3G  Better Voice Command Recognition The voice commands will […]

How to Change Language on Blackberry Curve

Are you multilingual? Do you speak to your family in one language and your co-workers in another? This isn’t uncommon, especially in European countries. Fortunately many of today’s phones can easily accommodate our different language needs. The Blackberry Curve is one of those. Changing the Display Language on your Blackberry Curve Do you want your Blackberry Curve to speak to you in a different language (meaning to relay its menu options and other information in that language)? No problem. Just go to options and select the language option. In the language field, you will see several options. (If you don’t […]

BlackBerry Curve: How to Improve Voice Command

Your BlackBerry Curve 8520 handset comes with voice command options. To make using voice command a better experience, try doing the following things: Use Bluetooth correctly. The biggest problem that people run into when trying to use the voice command feature with a Bluetooth headset is that they forget to turn both devices on and pair them up. Do this and you’ll be able to complete voice command instructions without difficulty. Use the right words; be clear about what you want the phone to do. Make sure that the phone knows what you’re talking about by learning which words it […]

How to Personalize Messages on Blackberry Bold 9700

Your Blackberry Bold 9700 is a handset that you probably use to send a lot of messages. The great thing about this high-productivity phone is that you can easily customise and personalise your messages and message settings on this device. Here are some of the ways for you to personalise messages on the Blackberry Bold 9700: Change your email signature. A personalised email signature is one of the best ways to add a new level of personalisation to your messages. You can change your email signature on this phone. To do so go to the home screen and open up […]

20 Shortcuts for BlackBerry Bold 9700

If you want to make the most out of your BlackBerry Bold 9700 then you need to learn how to use all of the wonderful shortcuts that are available on this device. This allows you to move through the handset with ease no matter what it is that you want to do with the phone. It can take a little while to remember the shortcuts. However, just like with the keyboard shortcuts that you use on your home computer, they quickly become second nature. Here is a look at 20 BlackBerry Bold 9700 shortcuts that you might want to commit […]