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How to Prevent Scratching or Shattering your iPhone

The iPhone has many great things going for it and while the newest version of the device tends to be fairly durable, it isn’t indestructible. There is always the chance that you might damage your handset. In fact, the very qualities that make the newer versions of the iPhone more scratch-resistant (such as the use of aluminosilicate glass in the design) actually make it more prone to shattering because of increased internal tension of the device. The following tips can help prevent damaging your phone. Never put the iPhone into a pocket with your car keys as they are likely […]

How to Use iPhone’s Boxcar to Stay on Top of Everything

Do you find yourself constantly checking your iPhone to get the latest updates from your email and social media sites? Make life easier for yourself by downloading and using the Boxcar app on your phone. What is Boxcar? The Boxcar app is a push notification app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which delivers information from your Facebook, Twitter, email or RSS feeds straight to your device. . Getting Boxcar Follow these steps to start setting up Boxcar. Download the Boxcar app. Tap the icon to log in. Follow the instructions to set up your account. Select “add a […]

How to Multitask on iPhone 4

One of the most talked-about features of the new iPhone is the fact that it allows multi-tasking. Make sure that you know everything about using this feature with our helpful, handy guide. 4 Things to Know for Best Multi-Tasking Maximise your use of multitasking on the iPhone with the following tips: Update iTunes and apps. All of your apps are going to work best for multitasking if you download the latest versions of them. Make sure your iTunes is also up to date. Get familiar with the new multitasking interface. Double-tap on the iPhone’s central HOME button and you’ll immediately […]

Motorola Make Jokes About iPhone 4 iSsues

Motorola are making fun of Apple, and in the incredibly cut-throat competition of selling smartphones there’s no such thing as below the belt.  They dedicated a full-page ad in the New York Times to reports of the iPhone’s connection difficulties. The DROID X, as well as sounding like it was designed to kill John Connor, comes with a dual-antenna design, which the makers proudly proclaim “allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls. You have a voice. And you deserve to be heard.“ They couldn’t make it […]

How to Save Money on your UK iPhone

Love your iPhone but feel like it’s costing you too much money? We’ve come up with a couple of solutions that may be able to help you save a few pennies each month. Switch to a SIM-only plan when your contract is up If you’re no longer locked into your contract then you can switch to a SIM-only plan like Simplicity for iPhone offered by O2 or Sim Only from Vodafone. This can lower your monthly bill significantly but can also raise it if you aren’t careful. You can choose a very low-cost plan with no contract and get unlimited […]

Guide to Changing Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Wallpaper

Although changing the image displayed when your iPhone is locked is easy, there is a little more to it if you don’t want to use a standard image or one that you’ve taken with the iPhone’s camera. Here is our guide to getting your lock screen wallpaper exactly as you want it. Using Standard Images. This is the easiest way of personalising your lock screen. Press Settings. Then Wallpaper. If you select Wallpaper again, you will be presented with the pre-loaded Apple pictures. Press the one you like to see a preview, then hit Set if you want to keep it. If […]

The Score With iOS 4

D-Day is nearly here and we don’t want to wait a second longer to meet the new iPhone 4. Fortunately, we’ve managed to keep ourselves occupied for the time being trying out the updated iOS 4, which 3G and 3GS users can enjoy too – there’s no need to feel left out! We know what you’re thinking…what’s changed? Even if you’re not upgrading your handset, is it worth your time installing the new software? Well, for starters the update is very apparent on first impressions. The icons are slightly funkier and everything runs just that little more efficiently. In terms […]