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Squandered Silicon – Things Computers Shouldn’t Be Doing

Back when computers were nothing but valves and acronyms, brave futurists told us they’d eventually do everything for us.  If they’d known just how broad our definition of “everything” would be, they’d have smashed the valves and started an “Abacuses are good enough” society. 1.  Computerized Prayers If you can’t see a problem with a prayer ending in a paypal link, congratulations on founding Information Age Prayer, because there really can’t be more than one person that dumb.  This website manages to out-idiot the Intelligent Design debate by misapplying both Science AND Religion to create a new omni-tarded stupid.  The […]

An open letter to the Toilet Phone Girl

Dear Russian Girl, I have a phone I really like. And I know (because I’ve read it before on a blog, so it must be true) that every year staggeringly high numbers of people watch their phone plummet towards the U-bend. So I’d probably go to some reasonable lengths to retrieve it. I’ve even known someone to fish one out from the – clean, as yet unused – bog, dry it out and make it work again (good ol’ Nokia). If you don’t already know how, there’s even a Jon Tickle video to show you. But when your toilet is […]

The alternative Orange Animals tariffs!

Orange were on to a winner when they brought out the Animals tariffs, we’re all a little animalistic in our mobile behaviour! But why stop at four? I can think of loads more examples!  Dog – This is the tariff for your dad. He has no idea what phone deal he is on, would not understand if you told him, and as such is extremely loyal to whichever package he first signed up to.   Love birds – Obviously this is an off-peak tariff, with billions of minutes, perfect for couples who like to spend hours lying awake listening to each other breathing. Magpie - Ridiculously overpriced […]