Author: Andrew Boxall

Samsung B3310 – Reinventing the Keypad, Badly.

Social networking phones may be all the rage at present, but really, if you’re updating your status on Facebook, would you rather be using an award-winning INQ1 or this unusual new Samsung, the B3310?  Fair enough, it has a QWERTY keyboard – a nice addition for an entry-level handset – but what were they thinking when they signed off on those numeric keys? We can’t see how this will be comfortable to use with the slider closed, especially for one-handed dialing, or how anyone will see it as a cheap ‘fashion’ phone with its odd lop-sided looks.  Samsung don’t forget, […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 21st August

Summer is in full swing and although we won’t see big news stories until everyone gets back from the beach, we are seeing some interesting items which may usually get lost.  Here’s ten mobile phone news stories from this week: 1.  Microsoft Planning Two-Tier OS System? To ensure their continued survival in the competitive smartphone market, Microsoft could be adopting a pincer movement-style attack, by introducing WinMo 6.5 in October and then dropping its price and using it as an Android alternative while leaving WinMo 7 to take on the iPhone OS.   Windows Mobile 7 is not expected until […]

LG Watchphone Launch and Price Revealed…

Remember the LG GD910 watchphone which we have all seen pictures of since it debuted at the CES show earlier in the year?  Well, Orange have gained exclusivity over this gadget and will be launching it at their Bond Street Station store in London at 9am on the 27th August.  Sounds exciting, right? Well, sort of.  Orange are now promoting the GD910 as a ‘handmade’ luxury gadget and will be making it available for a limited time only – although they don’t state just how long this ‘limited time’ will be.  But we all know the drawback with luxury gadgets, […]

Next Gen 4G Network Gets EU Investment

The European Commission today announced they would be investing £15m into the development of LTE Advanced, the 4G network potentially capable of delivering mobile data at speeds of 100Mbps.  The funds will be released on January 1st next year and Viviane Reding – the EU Telecoms Commissioner responsible for pushing through the roaming charge reductions – is confident Europe will ‘set the tone for mobile services development, just as it did with GSM’. LTE Advanced is the next generation of LTE, which is the next generation of 3G, so it’s improving on something we haven’t even seen yet!  It actually […]

Dell Smartphone Finally Official, But Only in China

Looking at this picture of the Dell Mini 3i, it seems very familiar.  We can’t put our finger on what phone the 3i’s design reminds us of, but we’re pretty sure it’s a relatively popular one!  The Dell smartphone has been on the cards for ages and ages, with us reporting on the possibility of an iPhone-like model as far back as September last year and as recently as last week. However, the wait is over – if you live in China anyway – as Dell have unveiled the Mini 3i for the first time.  As predicted it runs Open […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 14th August

Even though most people are thinking about holidays, we’re still thinking about mobile phones – in between holidays – and there has been some interesting stories in the press this week.  Here’s a rundown of ten of our favourites. 1.   New Pictures of the BlackBerry Storm 2! A series of new pictures featuring the forthcoming Storm 2 have surfaced on the Internet this week, and the phone is looking good.  Resembling its predecessor closely, these snaps also confirm the Storm 2 will have Wi-Fi onboard! 2.   Microsoft and Nokia Announce Partnership. The two giants plan to bring Microsoft […]

Sony Ericsson Launch New Jalou Fashion Phone

Confused as to who Sony Ericsson is aiming the new Jalou at?  Well, see if you can guess if we tell you they compare the size of the phone to ‘your favourite lipstick’.  Yes, the Jalou is perfect for girls who like their tech a little more feminine than the normal mid-range mobile phone, but may be a touch too girly for anyone else. The Jalou is also tiny, measuring just 73×45, but quite a thick 18mm, and weighing a scant 84 grams.  This does mean the screen is only a 2″, 240×320 resolution item, but the phone is 3G […]