Author: Andrew Boxall

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 17th July

Despite a quieter than usual mobile news week – blame the impending summer holidays – there are still some interesting stories out there, especially when they concern certain Black Label phones! 1.  More LG BL40 Pictures. Although the video seen earlier this week provided plenty of opportunity to admire the BL40, some detailed still pictures have now appeared.  However, the monolithic BL40 is not the only reason to study these shots… 2.  LG BL42′s Online Debut! Along with the BL40 pictures comes a glimpse of the BL42, a phone very reminiscent of the original LG Chocolate.  The slider phone has […]

LG BL40 Video – Is It Genuine?

A video which supposedly shows the next LG Black Label mobile phone in action has been doing the rounds on the Internet through the day, with many sites calling into question its authenticity.  News first broke of a Chocolate follow-up late last week, where we were surprised by its odd 21:9 aspect ratio screen, but excited to see exactly what LG were planning. The video is polished and professional, and the phone itself very impressive, making it very difficult to imagine this has been cooked up by an undeniably talented fanboy.  The handset itself looks different to any other touchscreen […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 10th July

It has been a busy week, with LG providing much of the new phone excitement, however there are lots of stories out there which may have slipped through your net, so enjoy our weekly roundup of mobile phone news, starting with the Toshiba TG01! 1.  Toshiba TG01 Comes to Orange. We’ve been really looking forward to this one!  The Snapdragon-powered, 4.1″ screened Windows Mobile powerhouse is finally here, and exclusive to Orange.  The screen and processor may be big, but it’s all squeezed into a casing just 9.9mm thick, and we have high hopes for the battery’s performance too.  Could […]

LG Louvre Concept Phone Looks Good to Go

Following yesterday’s Chocolate teaser, LG are showing off another very interesting mobile phone at the Korea Products Exhibition held in – where else – Warsaw.  The phone in question is the LG GC990, a 12 megapixel, touchscreen camera phone, sporting the codename Louvre – after the museum rather than the doors we suspect. The GC990 follows the now familiar kitchen-sink approach to the spec sheet, boasting the slick S-Class user interface, 3G, Wi-Fi, Assisted GPS, Bluetooth,  DivX/XviD support, 720p video recording, a 3.2″screen and of course, the 12 megapixel, touch autofocus, xenon flash equipped, Scneider-Kreuznach lensed super-camera. Currently claimed to […]

LG to Give Us More Chocolate?

There’s nothing like being teased with chocolate, and LG knows it!  The Korean company has provided early word on the return of their best-selling mobile phone, the Chocolate, but instead of giving us firm details, they’ve provided us with some promo shots of this ‘dark’ Chocolate.  This comes after LG laid out plans for taking the coveted world number two spot from Samsung, and one of their tools to do this was a new Black Label handset. LG have said we’ll know more on the new Chocolate come August, when the handset will receive its official unveiling, however GSMarena have […]

O2 confirmed as UK Palm Carrier

We were told last week that today, 7th July, would be the day we would find out everything we wanted to know about the Palm Pre in the UK.  It turns out this statement was half true, as a Palm announcement has indeed been made, but it has told us almost nothing in terms of concrete information! What we do know is that O2 will be the network who will exclusively carry the Pre in the UK, a fact long rumoured, and that we will be able to buy the phone ‘in time for the holidays’, which  means before Christmas […]

Two Exciting Sony Ericsson Mobiles Spotted!

Sony Ericsson didn’t join in with the unveiling of super-exciting mobiles during June and have so far resisted the urge in July, however if they are planning something special, we really hope it has to do with either one of these leaked designs uncovered by Danish heroes Mobil! The first phone is codenamed Kiki and is unlike anything we’ve seen before from any manufacturer, let alone the usually conservative Sony Ericsson!  At first glance, Kiki seems to have just four buttons, but we wonder if touch sensitive keys appear on the slats below, giving it the usual four row alphanumeric […]