Author: Andrew Boxall

A Closer Look at MOTOBLUR

‘Your entire life, in a single stream’, at least that’s how Motorola describe MOTOBLUR in their teaser video.  But just what is it, and does it do anything different to the various other UI’s skinning mobile operating systems?  While we wait for the release of the Motorola DEXT, here’s a more in-depth look at MOTOBLUR. Motorola has designed a series of new widgets for the Android home screen, each with a focus on drawing information from your phone and online into one location, and collectively they’re known as MOTOBLUR.  Together with push style data feeds, everything is continually updated.  For […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

As the second week of September draws to a close, and it was another exciting one, here’s a chance to read some of the news stories which were lost beneath the avalanche of new mobile phones announced or rumoured over the last seven days. 1.  New Samsung 360 Coming to Vodafone? Little is known about this Samsung mobile, other than it’s expected to have an OLED screen, an 8 megapixel camera and a Linux OS, but there is speculation concerning a Vodafone event possibly being held on the 24th September, where this and a service named Vodafone People could be […]

Motorola Are Back with the Launch of the Dext!

Motorola announced their Android event a few weeks back, giving the game away pretty early, before yesterday’s leaked images spoiled the party even further, however none of this mattered, as there was something so gratifying about Motorola – for many, the manufacturer of their first mobile phone – holding a big event and unveiling a mobile phone that people will actually want to buy! The phone in question is called the Dext, or Cliq in the USA, and will run on Google’s Android OS with a new, integrated social networking system named MOTOBLUR that features customised home screens filled with […]

Palm Announce the Pixi, Remain Silent on Euro Pre

Today, Palm have announced their second webOS mobile phone, the Pixi, a model we have previously seen and knew under the name of the Eos.  Palm have put the slider design of the Pre aside for the Pixi and revisited the style for which it is best known, the QWERTY candybar and this time it’s a 99 gram, 10mm thick beauty!  Something which you may not immediately notice is the lack of any control method, i.e. a trackball or D-pad, and that’s because the Pixi is still a touchscreen phone and takes advantage of the gesture area below the screen […]

Samsung Omnia II i8000 Ready for Windows Mobile 6.5

You may remember the i8000 being one of the handsets announced at the global Samsung Unpacked event back in June, where it was definately the star of the show.  Now, along with several HTCs, the Windows Mobile 6.1 based Samsung Omnia II i8000 is about to get a boost from the introduction of Windows Mobile 6.5 in early October, so it’s worth us revisiting this already great mobile phone to see just how much of a benefit this will be. First of all, here’s a reminder of the exciting i8000′s features: A 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 480×800. […]

HTC Shows Off Its New Tattoo!

Free from Only £20 a Month       HTC has today unveiled its latest Android powered mobile phone, the Tattoo.  The rumours reached a crescendo last week, after a series of leaked pictures of the handset under the name HTC Click.  Whether you prefer Tattoo or Click is a matter of personal preference, but everyone should agree that it’s another triumph of understated Android design from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The keen eyed will have noticed the absence of Google branding, meaning Android will be enhanced with HTC Sense, which HTC claim will give the user plenty of customisation options to really make the […]

Orange and T-Mobile Merge to Become UK’s No.1 Network

Ever since Deutsche Telekom fell out of love with T-Mobile UK, every other UK network has been rumoured as a potential buyer.  Initially 3 was the favourite, then Vodafone stepped in and finally O2 and Orange appeared to be opening their cheque books at the beginning of July.  Now, after a summer of bidding and negotiation, we have a winner, and it is Orange! The merging of these two networks into one will see the Orange/T-Mobile hybrid become the carrier with the largest market share in the UK, totaling 37%, and knocking leader O2 – with a now piffling 27% […]