Cortana Won’t Launch in UK When Windows Phone 8.1 Arrives


Bad news Windows Phone fans, Cortana won’t be in the first version of Windows Phone 8.1 when it launches in the UK. The news comes from Microsoft’s official Windows Phone UK Twitter account, so we’d expect them to know what they’re talking about, meaning we can’t put this down to idle speculation.

Cortana is the name given to Microsoft’s new virtual assistant, and she is a headline feature of the new version of Windows Phone. Revealed during the Build 2014 conference earlier this year, it was always known Cortana could be a last minute addition to the software in the UK, but recent hints suggested we wouldn’t have to wait long.

The tweet, given in response to a question regarding Cortana’s release, said “It won’t be this month, we’re afraid, but later in 2014.” This goes against recent quotes from Windows Phone team members, who said we’d be waiting weeks and not months. The new tweet certainly suggests it’s going to be the latter.

We’re still not absolutely sure when Windows Phone 8.1 will arrive either, whether it’s with or without Cortana. The most recent news comes from another tweet, this time from Microsoft India, which suggests the update will arrive before mid-July, but there’s still no completely official date from the company.

When it does start arriving, it’ll be compatible with all Windows Phone 8 hardware, and bring with it a variety of other interesting features. Those most looking forward to interacting with Cortana will just need a little more patience.

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