The Strangest Concept Phones

Strange Phone

While the smartphones that make it into people’s pockets can do some amazing things, the concepts that are created on the drawing boards of gadget designers really are weird and wonderful. Here we take a look at some of the best we’ve ever seen, none of which ever saw the light of day.

Yoyo Phone

Yoyo Phone

Designed to look like a yoyo, if not actually work like one, this strange creation sees a headphone lead coiling around it. The brainchild of Shaik Ridzwan, a designer at NEC, the gadget also has a flip-up panel to protect its keypad from knocks.

Cool758 Razor Phone

Cool 758

It seems that Motorola didn’t really have the monopoly of razor-themed phone with its RAZR range, as this unusual device shows. A phone with an actual shaver fitted does seem a little ridiculous, but you can’t deny the ingenuity of its creators.

BenQSiemens Phone


Taking the idea of a flexible smartphone and matching it with the popularity of smartwatches, this gadget sees a bendy handset being wrapped around your wrist. It never really got off the drawing board and details are scant, but we love the idea itself.

DrawBraille Phone


An incredible idea for a physical keypad which can adjust itself to spell out text in braille, this is probably the most unique device on this list. It also does the useful job of raising genuine questions about how visually-impaired people can be helped to interact with smartphones.

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