Unusual BlackBerry Passport Phone Leaked

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry could be preparing to launch a very unusual looking phone, and a leak courtesy of fan site CrackBerry has given us a selection of pictures, a simple spec sheet, and a short video showing the phone in action. It’s referred to as the BlackBerry Passport, and like other many devices made by the manufacturer, it has a physical hardware keyboard below the screen.

However, the device is almost square, and the keyboard is stretched across three lines instead of four or more. It gives the Passport a unique shape, more reminiscent of LG’s Vu smartphone/tablet hybrids than anything else on the market. An image putting the phone alongside an iPhone 4 gives an indication of the Passport’s massive size too.

The size of the screen isn’t mentioned, but the resolution could be a high 1440×1440 pixels, which is also evidence of its square shape. The processor is unknown, but there should be 3GB of RAM on hand to back it up, along with 32GB of storage space and a microSD card slot. Finally, the battery may be a high capacity, 3450mAh cell, ensuring the phone is more than capable of lasting the day.

BlackBerry has hardly been the most prolific manufacturer this year, and the Passport would certainly be a brave attempt to gain some much needed attention. Whether it will make it on sale at any time isn’t clear, and whether it’ll be any good if it does arrive is even more of a mystery. The leak doesn’t include any information on when we could see an official announcement. You can take a look at the video which purports to show the BlackBerry Passport, below.

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