Hints “Nokia by Microsoft” Brand Name May Arrive Soon

Nokia Lumia 1020

Since Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices Division, we’ve known there will be some rebranding performed in the future, but the details have always been kept under wraps. According to phone leaker @evleaks, Microsoft could be planning to rename its hardware Nokia by Microsoft, ensuring both company names are attached to the products.

It may not only work for Windows Phone smartphones either, as it’s suggested the Surface range of tablets will also get a name change: to Lumia. This seems like an unusual decision, given the Surface name has become well established, if not very successful. Nokia released a tablet under the Lumia name, but if anything, it’s even less well known than Microsoft’s Surface efforts.

There’s no official evidence of this move yet, so it may not come true, and in the past, there was speculation the new company name would be Microsoft Mobile – which ended up being confirmed as only for internal use. The Nokia by Microsoft name is by no means certain.

Microsoft will be keen to make the most of its new acquisition, and could be wanting to leverage Nokia’s good name while it has the chance. Combining both would be a quick way to let everyone know the two companies are now one, but we’re a little surprised it’s not going to be Lumia by Microsoft. The Lumia name is synonymous with Windows Phone, while Nokia is known for producing other phones too.

The two companies have yet to launch their first true collaboration, but we can expect it to come at the same time as news on the official rebranding.

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