Asus Smartwatch is Codenamed Robin, Could Undercut Competitors on Price

Android Wear

According to a report by gadget siteTechCrunch, Asus’ planned smartwatch is codename Robin, and rather than a flashy set of features to make it standout from the competition, the could price it very competitively. If the site’s sources are accurate, then in the US, a price of around $100 to $150 is being planned. Converted over to pounds, that’s around £60 to £90, so a £100 price point sounds achievable.

Asus will almost certainly use Google’s new Android Wear operating system on the Robin smartwatch, joining recently announced examples from LG and Samsung. Designed for wearable devices, Android Wear was further detailed during Google I/O, and is part of Google’s plan to feature Android on every screen in your home.

The sources say Asus didn’t want to rush development of the smartwatch, and decided to miss the chance to launch during Google I/O, and instead is aiming towards a release during September. The company has talked about producing a watch that includes features that enhance the experience, hinting at a gesture control system, but given the now expected low price, this may not happen on the debut model. TechCrunch mentions an AMOLED display that’s smaller than the 1.65-inch efforts used by Samsung and LG, but no other features are discussed.

A September release could potentially pit the Asus Robin against the Motorola Moto 360, arguably the most anticipated Android Wear device yet. The price is sure to set it apart, but we shouldn’t underestimate the draw of the 360′s swish circular screen. We should find out more over the coming months.

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