How to Get Free Stuff on Your Phone

Free Stuff

Why pay when you can get something for free? Before you go spending any cash on filling up your mobile with apps, music and movies, there are plenty of ways of having fun for free. Take a look at our tips and save yourself some money.


There are many music streaming services that now work on your smartphone, with Spotify being the biggest name of the bunch. Others include Deezer and Rdio, and while these all eventually want a monthly subscription from you, they mostly have a free trial period for new subscribers.

Other than that, your best choices are either Soundcloud, for underground and upcoming music, or YouTube, for everything else.

Free Spotify


We recently took a look at the best ways to stream films and TV to your phone, and when it comes to getting free stuff you’re looking at the sort of thing we’ve recommended for music. NetflixAmazon Prime Instant Video and Now TV all offer free trials for newcomers, giving you access to a wealth of material for a short period of time.

Free Netflix

Aside from that, Android users may occasionally find a free film offer through Google Play and once you’ve exhausted all of these options you can get yourself on YouTube again.


This is one area where those who don’t want to get their digital wallets out are still very well catered for. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or anything else, just go into your apps store and type “wallpapers” into the search bar. You will be presented with thousands of free options, all of which can be easily installed to bring your phone to life.

Free Wallpapers


Again, head to your app store and you’ll find thousands of free apps available, many of which will do brilliant things that would otherwise be worth paying money for. Other than that, there are several websites, such as gadget experts BGR, which regularly publish lists of apps that would normally charge a fee but are free for a limited time.

If value for money is what you’re after, take a look at the best deals offered by Dialaphone to see what other free goodies you can get your hands on.

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