How to Get Your Phone Ready for Summer

Phone Summer 1

The sun is out and summer is here, the perfect time of year to get yourself out into the great outdoors and enjoy the weather. Of course, you’ll be taking your smartphone with you, so we’ve put together a list of all the things you need to do to get it set up just right for the summer.

Get some reading apps

Be it the Kindle app, or something like Pocket, you’ll need a decent reading app or two for those days spent lazing in the sun. Here’s a tip – turn your screen brightness down a bit while you’re reading. It’ll stop your eyes from getting tired and put less strain on your battery.

Clear out your photos to make room for more

The summer months are ideal for taking photos, with outdoor events and loads of natural night making for some brilliant shots. Save all your old ones to your computer or store them in the cloud, then you’ll have loads of space to take more.

Phone Summer 2

Get a new case

Maybe you haven’t got your hands on an all new smartphone this year, but you can still give yours a fresh feel. Brighten it up with a new case, maybe even a colourful one to suit the summer weather.

Get some new games

If you’re not the reading type, why not play a few games while you’re lying in the sun? Some top choices include 2048, Dots and Angry Birds.

Get some accessories

You may want to take your music with you, in which case a decent pair of headphones will be needed, or even a small Bluetooth speaker. If you’re planning on being active this summer, it might be worth investing in smartband such as the FitBit flex, so you have detailed information on exactly how you’re doing.

Maybe you’re using the summer months to take a well earned break. If so, have a look at our list of tips on using your smartphone abroad.

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