How to Recycle Your Phone

Recycling Phones

If you’ve just upgraded to a fantastic new Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2, or even gone for something more modest like a Motorola Moto G, you’ll likely have an old phone lying about. Are you planning on recycling it? If so, here’s how.

Recycle for charity

Many charities accept old phones as donations, recycling them and putting the money to good use. If you’re not short of cash it could be nice to do something for a good cause.

Recycle with your network

Many mobile networks will give you a lump sum of money for your old phone, making it very easy to trade it in. Most make it pretty easy to do this by simply entering the model number on their website, and even going so far as to send a freepost padded envelope out to you.

Phones 4u store

Recycle with Phones 4u Care

If you’ve taken out a Phones 4u Care plan with your smartphone, you’ll be able to take it into any Phones 4u store when your contracts up and get at least £100 pounds off a new contract.

Recycle online

There are many online service which will give you cash in return for your old phone. Most of these work in the same way as recycling with your network – you just tap in your phone’s details and find out exactly how much you’ll get.

If you have cashed in your old phone, you could spend the money on getting a few accessories for your new Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 or HTC One (M8).

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