Facebook Launches Slingshot, a Snapchat Competitor


Facebook has launched an app that allows users to share photos with each other, in what appears to be almost direct competition with Snapchat.

Slingshot, as the app is known, sees users sending images that will erase themselves after an allotted time. However, the app does have a few touches that give it a slightly unique edge.

For instance, once a user receives a photo, they will only be able to view it after sending a picture of their own in response. The app also supports group messaging and video clips.

This isn’t the first foray that Facebook has made into the arena of photo-sharing apps. In late 2012, the social network launched Poke, an app that was even closer in operation to Snapchat, but saw little uptake after an initial surge in interest. Maybe Slingshot will see a greater degree of success, although the fact that Snapchat is so well established could be a massive hurdle even for a company as big as Facebook.

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