Samsung Smart Bangle Could Be Next Generation of Wearable Tech

Samsung Smart Bangle

We may have a hint of where Samsung is planning on heading with its wearable tech range in the future, and the Korean firm could be pushing ideas further than ever before.

Tech news site Patently Mobile has uncovered a patent filed by Samsung which describes a wrist-mounted gadget that could be a successor to the Gear range of smartwatches. However, the device appears to be called a ‘smart bangle’, rather than being described as a watch, and has some innovative features in its roster.

The curved device is said to make use of gesture-based controls which could see users interacting with it with just a flick of the wrist. Also hinted at is a UI which will see apps and files displayed in a stack that can be flicked through by the user.

Whether the smart bangle idea will ever come to fruition is anyone’s guess, but it gives us just another hint at the possibilities of wearables and the bizarre, almost limitless ideas that could come from this new area of consumer tech.

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