Cortana Coming to Windows Phone Very Soon


A Microsoft developer has claimed that the software giant’s voice assistant will be coming to Windows Phone devices within a matter of weeks.

The revelation came from Marcus Ash, the lead developer on the Cortana project, in response to a tweet from gadget news site Tech Radar. The conversation came in response to rumours that the innovation may be making its way to iOS and Android as well.

Ash was at pains to quash these stories, saying: “Our top priority is to make Cortana great for Windows Phone customers. Get her out to more countries, continuing to push innovation.”

He went on to suggest that Microsoft is planning on using Cortana to spur interest in its mobile platform, adding: “(The) real plan is about Cortana on Windows Phone. Make it so good that Windows Phone customers get everyone they know on Windows Phone.”

There are high hopes for the digital voice-based assistant and a great deal of interest has developed ahead of its launch. While UK users won’t be getting the new feature alongside the Windows Phone 8.1 update, that is scheduled for a 24 June release date, we’re hoping that it won’t be too far behind.

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