Five Things You Only Know if You’re a Smartphone User

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There are reasons you’ve splashed out on that brilliant gadget that you keep in your pocket, and there are many, many things that it can do for you. Sure, old fashioned mobile phones can keep you in touch with calls and texts, but there is an enormous amount of things that only a smartphone user will know when they’re out and about. Here are some of the best.

What’s going cheap nearby

The GPS sensor on your phone can pinpoint exactly where you are, and bring you loads of information about what’s around you. To ease the strain on your wallet, apps like Vouchercloud will let you know what offers are available nearby, so you could find yourself getting cheap meals and other freebies.


Everything else around you

It’s not just offers that you can get though, and services like AroundMe and Google Field Trip pull in loads of information about the area you’re in. Anything from local history to the location of the nearest cash machine is available with just a few taps.

Exactly how healthy you are

With Samsung’s S Health fitness suite you can monitor exactly how fit you are, gauging every calorie you burn along the way. Along with this, a huge range of wearable gadgets like the FitBit Flex can connect to your smartphone and help you to stay on top of your wellbeing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health

When your friends are close

Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and others all allow you to check in at locations and tag updates and images, letting everyone know where you are. Whip out your smartphone and you’ll be able to tell exactly who is nearby.

The best way to get where you’re going

Maps are one thing, but how about one that collects traffic information and calculates a route for you? That’s what countless mapping and navigation apps that are available, many for free. Try Google Maps, Waze or Navfree to find out what we mean.

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