Google May Have Leaked the Next Version of Android

Google Now World Cup

The next version of the world’s most popular smartphone platform may have been leaked in a number of screenshots released by its makers.

The very small bit of information comes as a part of a series of images showing how World Cup results are shown in Google Now. The clue is in the time that is displayed on the handset shown in the screenshots.

Google traditionally sets the clock on its official images to a time that reflects the version of Android that is being demonstrated. This started with Android 2.3, where the clock showed 2:30, and follows through to the latest version, where the clock should show 4:40.

However, in the World Cup Google Now images, the clock is set to 5:00, dropping a very small hint that we may soon see a big step up to a whole new version of the OS, presumably known as Android 5.0.

As we mentioned, this is a tiny bit of information, and it may not actually point to the next version of the software, but its certainly one to get the rumour-hungry Android-watchers talking.

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