Microsoft Working on a Smartphone Battery Which Could Last a Week

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft is putting real effort into tackling one of the biggest hurdles that smartphone manufacturers need to overcome – battery life.

Having now purchased Nokia, the software giant is hoping that it will be able to build phones with batteries which could last up to a week. Such a device could have a massive impact in a market where the ‘little-more-than-a-day’ battery life is an accepted standard.

According to a report from US tech magazine MIT Technology Review, the firm is planning on using smartphone power more intelligently rather than simply ramping up the size of the battery itself.

Ranveer Chandra, a researcher at Microsoft, said: “You can’t just wait for the best battery technology to come along. We can make a lot of progress because systems today don’t use battery intelligently.”

The report explains that the research could focus on building a smartphone with two batteries, with one supplying power during heavy use and another for when the phone is on standby. We have no idea when, or if, this new technology may become available, but it will be very interesting to see what happens.

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